Gear for Two Jobs

I remember being so happy when dual specilizations where announced.  I thought, now I can heal for everything and when I’m solo’ing I can switch to shadow pwn.  And that’s how it was for quite awhile.

Then the summer came along and started eating my healers.  I suddenly found myself without a variety of healers and having lots of single target disc priests…. I never thought I’d see the day when disc was so popular.  Don’t get me wrong, disc healers are okay at raid healing but they just don’t cut it if thats all you have.  A resto druid, holy priest, or a resto shaman will easily compliment a disc priest and get the job done.  But we didn’t have that.

I decided I’d drop my silly shadow spec (*cry*) and pickup holy as an off spec.  The last time I was really holy was preCOH nerf, how much could it have changed?!

A lot.

The changes to renew are pretty awesome, I found myself putting it on the same hotkey that I used for shielding as disc.  They filled about the same roll for what I needed done.  COH was bound to the penance key so I was hitting it on cooldown.

I don’t really like holy, it doesn’t feel as comfortable (or forgiving) as disc but it isn’t bad.  The problem though is that the gear is so significantly different.  I find myself going OOM far faster as holy than as disc, simply because my spirit isn’t where it should be.

I picked up the 100 spirit trinket from Ulduar 10 and it helps quite a bit (especially with the reduced mana cost).  I’m considering turning in my triumph badges for t9 and socketing it with purified dreadstones (spell power / spirit) gems.  /shrug

My disc gear would probably translate a little better as well if I switched it to spell power gems instead of my intellect heavy stuff.  I don’t really want to though.  Holy is kind of like the dark side to me, I don’t want to go to far or I might not come back!

Another weird thing I’ve noticed with holy is that the meters certainly say I’m healing for a fuckton… but I don’t feel like I am.  I think its simply because of the way COH works with its lots of healing spread out so you don’t see its effect as much.  And things like renew getting a few ticks in (my renew was ticking for like 2500 in a raid… thats insane!) which adds up quite a bit.  Peeps are living better now though, so it must be working.


Have a great Sunday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Gear for Two Jobs

  1. Addy says:

    This is what I hear.

    Woo hooo duel specs. Now I can pew pew. Holy bad. Let me talk about a bunch of stats that no self respecting tank even thinks about. City of Heroes has a bunch of healing builds. I’m gonna renew something that has to do with watches or clocks (ahem, clocks only go to 2400 Xeo. Get your facts straight). I can fill up green bars.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

  2. I’ve had similar experiences. Being Disc since 3.0 and coming back to Holy is very disorienting! Holy plays VERY differently, and seems to go through mana a lot quicker. It can put out a lot of raid healing, but I find myself getting behind keeping people up, and then in trouble without being able to mega-shield/penance a low target. But I do enjoy that we have two unique, different healing specs now!

  3. Conifer says:

    Meters aren’t everything. But that’s only when Kray is beating me. Otherwise they are an exact measure of how good you are.

    It’s nice to have a raid leader who is a healer and understands the different healer specs and what they are TRULY good at. Everyone on the forums says that druids are raid healers, but you understand that when paired with a disc priest or holy pally, we are extremely strong tank healers. Also I hate raid healing. Leave the raid healing to holy priests and resto shaman.

  4. xeonio says:

    @Wikwoket: Yea, its weird how the meters show you are doing two or three times more healing than your disc spec but you feel like you keep falling behind. I think it is just that lack of having PW:S followed by flash or penance.

    @Conifer: Yea, it amazes me how few people understand peoples roles. I see the craziest shit when I’m in other peoples raids and I think… why would you EVER do that?

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