Rez of the Week – Surnia

RTW SurniaWhen raid leading I tend to focus on who isn’t doing their job.  This means that if I’m not yelling at you… you are doing a pretty dam good job.  I never praise Surnia enough that is for sure (that’s my manly way of saying good job without saying it… the men reading understand).

I always like to write up a little bit about someone before I get to the interview but I really regret the fact that I don’t know Surnia better.  He keeps a low profile and he’s quiet… but he kicks ass at healing.

The bit I do know about him though… is that he’s a stellar guy.  He’s always willing to help someone.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him be mean to someone either (I’m not completely sure how this concept works…)

I know he likes to make me sweat (no you sicko’s, not like that).  He likes to show up at raid times just a few minutes before.  Give me enough time for the intial panic to set in.  It’s a bit of a running joke that I can ask his friend Trollslayer to call him and before he picks up the phone… Surnia logs in.  I imagine him standing over Troll’s shoulder, waiting to see how much I’m panicking before he comes to my rescue.

Random Note: He takes AMAZING screenshots.  I usually take a dozen or so to make sure I have at least one good one… he’s got 12 good ones.  I Night Elves, but he’s changed my mind about them a bit.

He’s a solid member of my raid crew and I’m glad to have him.

Without further ado…

Name: Surnia
Class: Druid

Where are you from:
Irvine, southern California (about 10 minutes from Disneyland).

Would you consider yourself… hardcore:
Not really, casual.

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec: Resto / Boomkin

What do you use your offspec for:
Daily’s, heroics that need (well OK, are desperate for dps over a healer), farming.

How long have you been playing:
Started playing shortly after launch.  I have left the game from time to time to try other games but always come back.

What about WoW keeps you coming back:
Most of my real life friends play and the people that I get to play with on a daily basis.  The nice thing about this game is you can accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time.

Has WoW taught you anything you’ve applied to IRL:
Nothing specific.  I do get a sense of being part of a team when we raid

If you had to reroll…
Would you choose the same thing: Yes.
Why: The druid is so versitile and now with dual spec it is really easy to play different kinds of classes.  I can melee or nuke, tank or heal….lots to choose from.

Best Raid Moment:
Being part of the group that took out OS 3D for the very first time and proudly displaying the new title.

Favorite Raid Mod:
I like Grid, really easy to moniter everyone’s health/poison/curse status and it takes up so little space.

Favorite Boss Encounter:
I am limited here.  I did not raid at all during BC (past KZ) and only did the high end raids in the old world when we were all 80 so they were quite easy.  I am liking the ToC raid content right now.  Naxx was fun too.

What Food / Flasks do you use:
I use any food that supplies spell power, flask of choice is the Flask of the Frost Wyrm.

My rotation honestly depends on the situation.  For single target heals I get all 3 HOT’s up, use swiftmend for big heals, Nourish for a quick burst, and spam wild growth for the melee.  For raid heals I use Rejuvination and keep wild growth going at all times.

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
Conifer.  Ha, I don’t spend a lot of time reading forums for information on my class, but when I do look for information Resto4Life is a nice site (thanks Conifer) and Elitist Jerks.

Any tips for playing your class:
If you get bored with one druid type, try another.  It’s like starting a new class at the same level.

If you could be any mythical creature, What would it be: The Tigon
Why: It’s the lesser known and more magical alternate to the Liger.


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