Mountain o Mounts (90/100)

red proto achievement

Not a huge step (last time I talked about it I was at 89) but I was really happy to finally get this one out of the way.  I had done several in the past and accidentally gotten a lot of them so I wasn’t short too many.  I needed Dehydration (I’m not sure how it was possible to not have that one already), Share The Love, and sadly almost all of the Oculus ones.

They changed Oculus though so that the iLevel of your gear effects their damage / health of the drakes.  The same way your gear effects your vehicles stats on the Flame Leviathan fight.

I got some guildies together in our Ulduar and ToC25 gear and we knocked out killing him in under 20mins.  We also managed to get the Amber and Green Voids since we all used red drakes.  I was pleasantly surprised at that one, it was silly easy.

A couple of days later I knocked out the Red Void by using a combination of green and amber drakes.  I rode an amber so that way I knocked out the riding all the drakes one as well.

During this time I’d been doing stupid Violet Hold to try and get the F’ing Dehydration and I lucked out on it today.  I made Shindig and Addy assist me in getting Share The Love cuz they owed me after having a bit of fun at my expense. 

Sure Xeo, that player is totally ready to raid.  She’s an up and coming healer in our guild!

/emote watches the healer die to everything under the sun.

She wasn’t that bad, just new and really undergeared.  But it worked out for the best (I got my red proto after all)!

red proto


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