Loot Pinatas (the boss after Fuction Champs)

This hotfix went in earlier this week…

The following bug fixes to Val’kyr Twins were just deployed, and they will increase the overall difficulty of the encounter.

  • Surge of Light and Surge of Darkness were not being cast properly on Normal difficulties.
  • Light Vortex was doing less damage than Dark Vortex.

Along with those two major bug fixes, we also increased the rate with which the Concentrated Light and Concentrated Darkness spawns.

After we owned the Twins in 10man I was certain this hotfix would make the encounter slightly harder.  The orbs spawning faster really got to me, I figured the raid healing would be a lot tougher (so I turned only 2 of our 6 healers into DPS).

We engaged… it was going pretty smooth… and the first vortex killed a DPS, a healer, and our dark tank!


The OT picked up Dark and I had all DPS switch to killing the same target and figured we’d just try and pwn one of them (since they have a shared health pool).

We did.

Thats right… this encounter is so stupid easy that you can do it with 3 healers, 1 tank (tanking both twins), and only 22 people.


Come on Blizzard.  Everyone loves the encounter but its obviously lacking something.  Maybe this something is on hard mode, where the fight can’t be done by a barrel of monkeys.


Its late and Sundays post will be more Abusing Your Powers.



4 thoughts on “Loot Pinatas (the boss after Fuction Champs)

  1. Addy says:

    and by OT you must mean OTHER tank, right?

    Maybe in heroic we will need to stay away from the other colored orbs. Maybe there is an OMG AOE explosion that really hurts.

    Next week we get a big surprise with Anub. From what I have read he is pretty forgiving as well.

  2. Yeah the very first tim we got there in 25 man the first vortext wiped half the raid. The remaining 15 or so people still almost one-shot them. If we had a little more DPS to remove those shields it would have been a one shot with 15…

    Compared the the Faction Champions which is more like a heroic fight…

  3. Conifer says:

    Heh, Addy, I agree. “Off-Tank” really makes you sound like a second stringer. But don’t worry. You are my favorite Junior Varsity tank that we have.

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