Hungry Hungry Hippos!

hungry hippo colorI really hate the fuction champion’s fight.  It’s not really that fun.  The fight is about how you can reduce the randomness of the random number generator (RNG).  Anyway, it took us 5 or so attempts on them tonight but we got them down.  I was super eager to start the Twin Val’kyrs.  I watched a youtube about the fight, to try and get a general feel.  The video made it look stupid easy.

I go over the general info of the fight.  Dark Vortex = everyone goes dark… Light Vortex = everyone goes light.  Dark Twin Pact = DPS go light… Light Twin Pact = dps goes dark.  Seemed super simple.  Then you get these orbs (black and white) that roam around the room.  If you are white then getting white orbs gives you mana back and increases your damage… its really awesome.  If you get hit with an orb from the opposite color though you take damage.

I’m guessing this is where all the raid damage will come from in 25man.  In 10man, I’d venture to say you could have one solid healer keep both tanks up relatively easy.  Catching the orbs though… its a different kind of game.  Its fucking hungry hungry hippo.  I almost let my tank die a few times while I was running around all frantic trying to get the orbs.  I just couldn’t control myself LOL!

This fight is stupid easy though.

First attempt, learn abilities.

Second attempt, kill them.

Then we were all… WTF?  Srsly… the encounter was pitiful.  Kudos for the concept of the fight but it was about as challenging as duck duck goose.

Next week we’ll get to kill Anub’arak.  Then we can restart and kill some F’ing 10man hard modes.  I’m looking forward to it on every fight… except the stupid fuction champs.

Note:  The hardest part of the TVs was remembering what to do initially.  The above mentioned (Dark Vortex = everyone goes dark… Light Vortex = everyone goes light.  Dark Twin Pact = DPS go light… Light Twin Pact = dps goes dark) really is the strategy for the fight.  Once you have that down, you have the encounter won.

Good Luck on it this week all!


7 thoughts on “Hungry Hungry Hippos!

  1. Shiningstar says:

    I know you don’t like the faction champions and it’s sort of dependent on some luck and group makeup. However, atm that might be one of my favorite fights in the game…and I hated the similar fight in MgT. Faction champions reminds me of going to pvp in Wintergrasp, minus the fortress and vehicles. As a healer, dispelling/abolishing disease was one of my main priorities. In WG and in the faction champs fight, I could play whack-a-mole with Decursive, constantly cleansing. Toss a few PoM’s and some CoH in there and it’s a blast, assuming your dps is doing a stellar job of crowd control and keeping the aggro off you. I really like the aggro dumps that the mobs seem to do frequently. It is very much like pvp, when the opposite faction suddenly realizes…oh, she’s healing, get her! The constant moving, tossing out a fear if anyone won’t go away…staying busy…I love it. Faction champs I would NEVER try with a pug 😛
    The new fight with TV I haven’t read anything about except from this post. I’ll probably have to attach yet another post-it to the side of my monitor reminding me what to do for each of those things. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. xeonio says:

    @Shindig: It’s highly likely you’ll just have me calling out when to shift colors and what not. It was a REALLY simple fight.

  3. I agree that Val’kyrs felt too easy. We killed them before everyone even really figured out the light/dark thing 100%. As a healer I agree that the damage on the tanks and raid seems really light, perhaps unless everyone is constantly grabbing the wrong color orb.

    We let the DPS figure out the orbs. They don’t do anything for healers, and the DPS were getting giddy getting whatever buff the orbs give at 100 stacks.

    I bet (and hope) that in hard mode, it will be more crucial for everyone to be light/dark at the right times!

  4. xeonio says:

    @Wikwocket: Actually I was finding that getting the empowered buff gave me full mana a couple of times. Not sure if that was an intended effect or not.

  5. We two shot the new boss after the first attempt the first vortex killed half the raid. We soldiered on and hit the enrage.

    Healing in this fight is a joke. Second attempt we had half our healers go DPS. And probably could have had one healer per side.

    The idea for the fight is interesting its just far too easy ATM.

    Compare ToC to Ulduar. Without the Faction Champions fight we’d clear the place in about 1 hour and half that time would be distributing loot. Yeah a bit of an exageration but you get the idea.

    Gobble gobble.

  6. Pugnacious Priest says:

    Im pretty sure I was hitting the wrong thing with the wrong colour on occasion, but I wasn’t taking any damage so I assumed I was ok for the most. I did crash into the wrong coloured ball ( I like the ball crashing bit) but it was a pretty lackluster fight.

  7. Norhia says:

    I Hate the Faction Chumps! Hate them hate them hate them!

    I hate them for the same reason I hate PVP. They go “HUR! Healer in cloth! Kill it until it is dead! :D” I am glad a lot of my spells are fast to cast, because I spend most of that fight running away and hoping that I am not noticed all that much.

    Also, nio shadowmelding out to cheat the wipe and let me save money on some snacks. 😦

    At least it’s challenging…

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