Rez of the Week – Falcs

I met Falcs back in The Burning Crusade expansion when I was running my shaman (at the time enhancement) with another charter.  He was doing superb damage that I couldn’t quite catch on the meters, which is a good thing.  After I started raiding more on my priest I quit running with them and lost track of him a bit.

Lich King rolled around and he started signing up with my guild again, I noticed he wasn’t in a guild at the time and of course… the ears perked up.  I managed to snag this amazing guy and I’m holding onto him.  He’s an awesome guy and he’s been a great addition to the family.

RTW falcs

Name:  Falcs
Class: Warrior

Where are you from:
Vancouver BC, Canada

Would you consider yourself… hardcore:
Pretty casual now.

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec: Fury / (Arms or Protection)

What do you use your offspec for:
I tanked quite a bit in TBC and sometimes I feel like tanking again so I use my off spec to scratch that itch. I also like to pvp so I sometimes respec my secondary spec to arms and do that instead.

How long have you been playing: Since 2006

What about WoW keeps you coming back:
The people and the challenge/excitement of new encounters, I’m pretty bored of the grind now, and achievements don’t really hold my interest either.

Has WoW taught you anything you’ve applied to IRL:
Not really.

If you had to reroll…
Would you choose the same thing: I’d probably have rolled a rogue.
Why: I have a lowbie rogue and they are tons of fun to play. In end game they are always at or near the top of damage meters, and are lethal in PvP.

Best Raid Moment:
Killing Lady Vashj for the first time. We had spent months wiping on her, we could never get everything to go right. One time the kiting wouldn’t be perfect, another time we couldn’t get the cores in time, another times we were slow picking up adds, another time a strider would spawn on a healer and one shot them and so on. To finally have everything come together and kill her was amazing.

Favorite Raid Mod:
I don’t have a favourite mod but I do have a favourite UI pack, its Tukz UI. I have an older PC and the performance increase I saw once I switched to this UI was amazing. I used to raid with about 6 fps and now I’m usually around 20, also made a noticeable improvement my dps. I use an older version with some additional addons that is more user friendly then the latest versions.

Favorite Boss Encounter:
Kael’Thas from Tempest Keep. It’s an encounter that takes a lot of skill and teamwork to do. Each phase is unique and has its own challenges and requires you to do something different and adapt to what is happening around you.

What Food / Flasks do you use:
Flask of Endless Rage and Dragonfin Fillet

Don’t really use any, I have almost everything bound to keys and just use the proper key sequences instead of macroing to one button.

WW->BT->BT and repeat , queue up HS when above 50 rage, only use Bloodsurge procs if both BT and WW are still on cd. If there is more than one target use Cleave instead of HS.
WW= Whirlwind,  BT = Bloodthirst, HS = Heroic Strike.

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
Elitist Jerks warrior forums, and mmo-champion for latest game information.

Any tips for playing your class:
Get a feel for how raid buffs effect your rage generation and use that to determine how aggressively to use HS/Cleave. For instance having a Windfury/Improved Icy Talons buff will increase your rage generation dramatically, so you can queue up Heroic Strike w/ lower rage and still be able to maintain your normal rotation resulting in a net dps increase.


5 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Falcs

  1. xeonio says:

    It’s very minimalistic… I bet it works great for DPS on a raid. Only problem is I’d have to add things like recount and GRID and Big Brother…

    Suddenly its not so minimalistic anymore lol

  2. Falcs says:

    I added some addons to make it easier to raid. I added Skada for a damage and threat meter, DBM, changed the bars to Bartender, Digits for a numerical rage indicator, Event Alert for bloodsurge procs, Itemrack, and Miks scrolling battle text. I have a small 5 button bar and Digits in the middle of my screen so I can see my rage and ability cooldowns and still be able to focus on the boss so I can run away from whirlwinds and know when I’m standing in stuff.

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