Blizzcon Stuff (day 1)

(Note:  Spoiler Alert!  If you don’t care to know anything about the xpac then skip todays post.)

Okay… so today’s post is a bit late.  I MIGHT have been up most of the night reading up on Cataclysm and Blizzcon info’s.  By the time I realized what time it was I was way to knackered to write anything.  Sorry!

Today was supposed to be the continuation of the Abusing the Power series but gonna take a short pause from it to talk about the big news from Blizzcons!

goblin priest SMLWorgens and Goblins were confirmed.  Goblins can be priests… but srsly… they are ugly as shit yo.  Worgen’s can be priests as well but I didn’t see a picture of them in any priest gear so didn’t copy them over to here.  You can find TONS of info over at MMO-Champs and World of Raids.

First of course is the added race / class combinations.  There are 5 new ones for Alliance and 6 for the Horde.  The Horde have an additional one because goblins can’t be druids (but Worgens can).  MMO has a great diagram that shows the new race / class combos.

If you played Everquest then you will notice that Blizzard is bringing in Alternate Advancement(AA).  I’m not sure if it will work exactly the same way but in Everquest what it was is basically talent trees that up’d stats.  You had a slider bar for your experience gain.  You could toggle it between gaining level experience or gaining AA experience.  When you ding’d a level in AA you got a talent point you could put into any number of things.  Blizzard says their AA trees are the same so expect generic stuff like increased mount speed or something like that.  Everquest had different levels for the AA.  After you spent 10 or so points in the general tree (read: gain 10 intellect) you could spend points in the next level that might increase your spell power or whatever.  This is very exciting to me… it gives me a long goal that requires me to grind mobs (which I fucking love).

They call it Path of the Titans instead of AA.

  • Talent trees won’t be extended, you will just get 5 more talent points.
  • The Path of the Titans will let players follow a path (not restricted to classes), this is a new talent system with new skills and passive abilities.
  • A mastery system is being added as well, a lot of talents will be reworked to be more fun. The point is to get rid of a lot of the talent skills and not make you spend all your points in a talent tree just because it gives you more damage or higher crit chance.
  • The mastery system sounds a bit scary honestly.  I currently really like the talent trees.  I know they are wanting to get rid of talents that just give like… +hit (even though personally I get excited about those talents).  I think this will be REALLY interesting to see how this goes.

Crapola there is so much info…

  • Cataclysm will change the ways abilities are learned. Abilities ranks are gone and ability will just scale progressively with levels instead.
  • Seems hawt in theory… but I’m not sure if I’ll like it.  I think it’ll take away from that gaining a level feels new and shiny feeling.  If you don’t have to run back to a trainer to get that new spell or that new rank.
  • Every healer class can now dispell magic, the niches will other debuffs.
  • I really like this.  It drives me crazy to spend most of my time dispelling when I could be casting a heal.  Would be nice if I could assign other healers to do it.

Huge Itemization changes…

  • MP5: This will be removed from items and replaced with Spirit. All healers will be given a meditation-like ability.
  • This sounds crazy!  I’m pessimistic, that’s for sure.  I’ve liked some of the homogenization changes, like the shared gear.  This seems like maybe it is taking it to far…
  • Spell Power: Spell Power is being removed from items as well. Don’t panic, we’ll be improving Intellect so that it provides mana and Spell Power.
  • This is a pretty neat change.  It makes me question how effective gems will be now though.  I was listening to the Blizzcon stream and they are doing this with Attack Power as well.  They aren’t completely removing these abilities though, in the fact that they could still sparsley showup on items.  Maybe the gems will be left in?
  • Haste: Will also increase the rate at which you gain energy, runes, and focus. Retribution paladins and Enhancement shaman will have a talent that allows them to take advantage of this benefit.
  • I think we all have some sort of alt that uses energy / runes / focus so this is kind of kewl.  Wish it increased my mana regen!

Speaking of mana regen, they haven’t announced sweeping changes but I’d guess there will be another overhaul to the mana regen system.  Even with the nerfs there still isn’t really any problems with mana.

There’s tons more stuff over at those two websites listed above and you might even checkout WoW Insider because they are bound to have some good information to in the form of blog posts.

A quick check of some of the blogs I read shows that some of them have some good articles up to!

Leafshine – Cataclysm: Character Slots FAIL
World of Matticus – Blizzcon Day 1 (Mid Day Reactions)

If you find any other good posts from blogs let me know (read: leave a comment) and I’ll be glad to add them to the list here.  Its always awesome to see different peeps reactions to the same news.


2 thoughts on “Blizzcon Stuff (day 1)

  1. Addy says:

    All this is interesting. Blizzcon on Direct TV was very fun to watch. Next year I think I will just block out the weekend so nothing will interrupt the fun. Cataclysm is over a year away and everything could be altered or thrown out, so I am withholding judgement.

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