Abusing Your Power: 2 – Selfishness

AbuseOfPower2We recently killed Yogg-Saron and I was super happy.  All the hard work and long hours paid off.  But then 3.2 was out and Yogg’s loot suddenly wasn’t so good.  In fact, you could get far better from the Coliseum or the dreaded Ulduar hard modes.  I couldn’t be bothered though.  I wanted more Yogg kills.  I wanted my t8.5 shoulders.  I wanted more fragments for my Val’anyr.

Then one of my raiders pointed out that an amazing tank sword drops off of XT hard mode.  One of the best in the game.  Which made me think… I’m not the only person who wants things out of this zone.  It’s selfish to force everyone into the wipefest of Yogg when in reality, he’s not worth the time unless you are one shotting him.  This brings us to the next abuse of power, selfishness.

2.  Selfishness

Selfishness is defined as,

devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others. (dictionary.com)

Selfishness is tough to deal with.  By the time anyone realizes it (the raid lead included) they have already rationalized their decisions and most likely set into a course of action to attain these goals.

How do you spot selfishiness?
The general sign for selfishiness aren’t really transparent, they are more a series of events that most likely lead to your frustration.  The raid lead(s) have likely set a goal that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Example1:  You have killed a boss (read: Yogg) once but have failed to kill him the last 2 weeks in a row.  Rather than refocusing efforts in places such as hard modes where loot is better the lead(s) continue to push forward with the same goal.

Example2:  Your group has been unable to kill Northrend Beasts the last few times your group has attempted it.  The attempts weren’t close by any means but the lead(s) insist on skipping Ulduar (where your group desperately needs gear) to work on this boss instead.

You will notice in both of these examples there is nothing glaring about being selfish in them.  In fact, if they weren’t paired with a topic about being selfish you might not even know what I was talking about.  Let’s take a look at the first example.

First you have to ask yourself why are you continuing to wipe on Yogg when there is better loot off bosses with easier hard modes.  Things that jump out are the fact that your raid lead talks about loot that Yogg drops all the time.  See the connection now?

In the second example you notice that the raid lead(s) have the highest point totals (assuming you are using some sort of point based loot system) which would give them the first pieces of the new tier.  They have commented before on how awesome the gear looks or how much they need it so that the group can progress farther.

What do I do about selfish raid lead(s)?
This one is very easy.  Talk to them.

It is highly likely that the raid lead(s) don’t even realize they have turned selfish.  Due to the early rationlizing they think they are acting in the best interests of the group.

Be prepared when you decide to talk to them.  Don’t rush in with, “You are being selfish, you should change this and do this and… why am I being /gkicked?!”  You can’t fight selfish with blind attacks.  Point out things that are glaringly obvious to you, but may not be to the leaders.  Use tools such as loot lists (wowhead.com) and raid reports from places like worldoflogs.com or wowmeteronline.com.

If you don’t want to confront them directly then send them a private message on your guild website or even in game.

The worst case scenario is that they know they are being selfish, that it is part of their nature.  A situation like this will most likely lead to the downfall of the group you are in or extremely slow progression.  At this point you have to ask yourself if its worth sticking around… or moving on.


6 thoughts on “Abusing Your Power: 2 – Selfishness

  1. Addy says:

    First, it’s a hammer. No self respecting dwarf wants to use a sword.

    Also, it is only the 2nd progression weapon that fits with Addy’s RP engineer story. The first being Finkle’s Lava Dredger. (Finkle is Einhorn. Einhorn’s a man. Oh my god! Einhorn’s a MAN! Queue Crying Game theme.)

    Xeo, you amaze me with the thought that you are being selfish. I think you are just trying to make a point here. Yes, there are other things to do in Ulduar than get to Yogg and wipe 20 times, but the fact is that “good” raid groups need Yogg on farm. Your hammer will be extremely valuable in the next 2 tiers of content. Yogg does have some needed upgrades for our raiders. Finally, its not a bad fight when everyone does what they are supposed to do and we execute flawlessly. Yogg is a dance with a DPS component. I love those kinds of fights.

    Having said that, last night we changed up some of the fights and attempted some hard modes. I don’t think we beat any, but we did get a few achievements. We also got a working knowledge of hard mode fights that we can build on in the next few weeks. I had a blast.

    I noticed a few LO charters (the organization we raid with has many groups attempting all kids of content every day) did not get faction champions dead after repeated attempts this week. I hope you are not alluding to the fact that we will “move on to Ulduar” if this fight presents us with a serious challenge. I expect to hear a “Quit wiping my raid and stop effing up!”

    Of course maybe this is me being selfish because I want to kill these guys so bad? Food for thought. Food. For. Thought.

  2. Tagra says:

    I’m pretty selfish in a competitive way. When we hadn’t killed Yogg, that’s ALL I wanted to work on because #1: omg my achievement, and #2: fuck no, don’t let someone else take our #3 spot on LO goddammit! Must kill. Now that we have killed Yogg… I find myself no longer interested in clearing Uld. Must. Kill. Crusader’s Coliseum.

    Fortunately, CC is pretty short which allows us to get back into Uld anyway, but rushing down to Yogg was just… not interesting to me anymore. We’ve done that already, meh.

    THIS week, we started doing hard modes instead of blowing through content in a rush to Yogg. Suddenly I’m interested again. Even though hard mode is just the same fight with more HP, more damage and a stupid gimmick to kill you… it’s refreshing to work on something “new”. Plus it also means we might unlock Algalon one day which would be an exciting slaughter.

    Despite that, I still find myself more anxious to clean out CC first, if only because we need to keep up with the progression list on LO. Hard modes don’t get tracked on it >.>

  3. Shiningstar says:

    Xeo, if you are tired of wiping on Yogg you should just say so, instead of pretending that you are martyring your own interests by giving him up. 😛 J/k. I’d rather not beat my head on Yogg with people who are only 50% ‘into it.’ If you aren’t going to bring 100% to the raid, why should I kill myself (literally) to keep you alive? The same goes for when I’m just not into it. If we don’t all get on the same page, it’s not going to be successful.
    I’m excited and a little terrified of the new Crusader’s Coliseum bosses we are going to see tonight. I am hoping that people show up to fulfill their raiding commitments. I like the balance of the new and old raids. Gives everyone a chance to gear up and practice strategies.

  4. daemia says:

    Example3. Your raid group is unable to kill an optional boss. However, you refuse to skip that boss (whose loot sucks) and tackle other bosses that are more manageable and have very needed upgrades for everyone. You wipe for months.

    I have a hard time telling if that’s selfishness or pride. Maybe both. I’d actually have an easier time forgiving it if it were selfishness. If it were simple pride…I just don’t get that.

  5. Conifer says:

    I really want to get you that mace. Like, 4srs. I think it will be a great symbol for our entire charter. And at Legendary ilvl245, it’s going to last you until deep into Icecrown25.

    As long as we are working on ToC25 every week, I don’t mind going back and hitting up Ulduar too. As long as there are people in the raid that are still upgrading, then it’s still worth going.

    And even with that one Yogg kill, it doesn’t feel like we have “beaten” him yet. I would like to get to the point, just like Mimiron which we spent weeks on, where we know he’s going to die each week.

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