Abusing Your Power – Insanity

I’ve always been in a leadership position.  I don’t mind taking a back seat, assuming the leadership is doing their job.  Luckily, I’m extremely arrogant so its difficult for me to see the leadership doing their job, correctly.  My Raid Leadership style can be best summed up,


The only problem with this style of raid leading is that it can quickly lead to a couple of different types of abuse of power.

1. Insanity

Hopefully, if you are like me, you’ve been woken up by one of your raiders before you start running to many people off.  I’ve had to apologize a few times already from just losing my shit in the raid.  Have you ever seen the video of the guy losing his shit on Onyxia (NSFW)?  Yea…

More recently though I’ve been a bit more unstable.  I’ve always used colorful language, but our first night in the Coliseum I srsly lost it.  We were wiping on the extremely easy Northrend Beasts over and over and over.  It was due to simple, VERY easy things to avoid (read: people dying in fires).  There were several attempts we had to wipe in phase 1 just because people would try to finish casting a spell or not paying attention.

The thing that made it worse, was that after my shit fit… we beat the fight.  Why is that bad?  Because it reinforces my flagrant disregard for other people.  Someone pointed out, “People don’t login to have you yell at them.”  That is very true (even if it seems like some of them do).

I have since been trying to mellow out some.  Get a happy medium of being a prick and being a leader.  Because while people don’t login to be yelled at, I also don’t lead raids and people don’t attend them to wipe for stupid shit.

Tomorrow, I’ll go over Abuse of Power #2, selfishness.


10 thoughts on “Abusing Your Power – Insanity

  1. Shiningstar says:

    As I have said before, fear is a great motivator. I personally do not want to be yelled at and will do pretty much anything to avoid becoming the target of Xeo’s ire. So I hear the boss explanation and tune most of it out and when you start swearing I know that’s the part you want me to make sure I know. “Blah blah blah blah STAY OUT OF THE @#$#%%# FIRE OR YOU WIPE MY @#$%$#@ RAID blah blah blah Shindig on Addy blah blah…”

    Now that Addy and I both have headsets we don’t have to worry about our kids picking up your foul language. Haha! j/k :), mostly.

  2. Shiningstar says:

    Btw, I saw what you did there with that lion. I know you are still sticking to your kitty thing, don’t try to deny it.

  3. Tagra says:

    I talked to you a little bit about it when I first started raiding with Relentless… but my old group was pretty much torn apart by niceness. People would do stupid shit every raid and we’d die to the same people not doing their jobs every. god. damn. week. And the only indication that anyone even NOTICED that these people were fucking up was the occasional sarcastic comment when they weren’t around. When someone would get fed up and bitch about it to their face someone would invariably step in and say “oh no it’s ok, everyone screws up sometimes and we’ll do better next time!”.

    That’s all very well and good if they *actually do better* but all this led to was people going “oh I can watch TV while hitting this one button repeatedly and no one will say anything.” And then they did. We had people openly admitting they were watching TV and using it AS an excuse for dying to something stupid, and other than the occasional “well, let’s focus for this next attempt then…” type comment, no one said anything.

    And then what would happen is the people who finally got fed up enough to bitch about it would leave, because nothing improved. And almost invariably, those were the better raiders, leaving us with a raid full of people watching TV and standing in fire. *I* didn’t leave because I’m stubborn or something and I’ve been friends with most of them for 4 friggin years, but finally enough people left that we couldn’t field a 25 man anymore and I made an account on LO.

    It’s so fucking refreshing to see someone repeatedly doing stupid shit and get their ass chewed out for it (usually I’m like “hey he’s yelling what I’m thinking!”). And if they continue to do it, not seeing them slotted next week. I mean, I guess LO helps a lot with that because had we finally snapped and booted everyone shitty out of the raid, we’d still have to go recruit people and it would probably set us back even further for a couple of weeks while we filled the rosters and we’d probably lose people anyway due to inactivity, whereas you have the LO pool of signups already set up for replacements.

    I shouldn’t encourage you :P, but I do think you USUALLY have a pretty good balance. I’ve noticed the first couple times someone fucks up, you don’t yell, you just point it out so they know they fucked up. Everyone fucks up and if they’re halfway decent, they know they fucked up and they’re probably angry at themselves about it. Yelling at those people doesn’t really do anything except put them in an even worse mood about fucking up. It’s the ones who do it repeatedly (or do something really stupid) who get yelled at, and they’re the ones who deserve it.

    Bitching at everyone to not fuck up before the raid even starts though… I don’t think that’s a good motivation or a good morale booster. No one WANTS to wipe so we shouldn’t attack an encounter assuming we’re all going to fuck up and wipe. It’s like that positive thinking thing where if you give a kid a glass of milk and say “don’t spill the milk”, now all they’re thinking about is spilling the milk and they’re more likely to do it! Beat their ass AFTER they spill the milk >.>

  4. Tagra says:

    I also want to say (…postcount++) that since raiding with Relentless, I’ve become a big fan of the “What killed you?” method. Sometimes we ask because we legitimately want to know “wtf just happened?” but when you see someone standing around in fire for 8 ticks and then dying, even though YOU may know what killed them, saying “What killed you?” and getting them to admit “I’m a stupid idiot who didn’t move out of the fire” seems more effective than “DON’T STAND IN THE FIRE YOU IDIOT”. Also comedy value in the random pathetic excuses.

  5. Betheril says:

    Bah. I read through your blog in an attempt to be bored to death and I come upon a blog entry that relates to my raid leading.

    This is upsetting, but I know how you feel, I once flipped shit on my entire raid because the same person (Read 1 of 3 healers) kept dying in a fire causing low healing and death. Needless to say he quit the raid taking another healer with him. It wasn’t until like half an hour later I talked to my other lead and calmed down over how upset I was.

    Everyone has a temper, everyone has a fuse. Sometimes you have to hit the mute button before the fuse runs out.

    P.S. The mute button is how I keep myself going through runs like that ToGC10 Sunday.

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