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alliance flagOkay, so… a few posts ago I was talking about the ease of ToC.  I got to talkin’ about how I figured the Faction Champions would be similar to the fight in Magister’s Terrace where you have to do a pvp fight.  There’s one static NPC, a priest, and she has 4 cohorts of varying types.  All sorts of CC was able and the timers were reduced to their PvP counterparts (read: CC only lasted for 10 seconds and has diminishing returns).  Anyway, I figured the Coliseum fight would be like that except the mobs would be somewhat tankable and you’d just have a buncha different ones.

I was wrong.

The fight is the same… only the AI has gotten smarter.

We had resto shaman, holy priest, boomkin, ret. pally, subtlety rogue, and affi’ ‘lock.

It was NOT easy.

We spent about 2hrs trying to get it and those magical, “This is our last attempt.” scored us a victory.  Honestly though, a lot of this fight just simply comes down to luck.  The DPS mobs (ret pally / rogue) were focusing targets.  If we got lucky and they focused a DPS we’d heal through it… if they went for one of our squishy healers (read: ME!) then a huge chance I’d die.  The random number generator on this fight really does suck… a lot.  Sometimes we’d have the first healer down to 5% and the ret pally would be smart enough to BoP (read: Hand of Protection) him.  If this happened it was pretty much a wipe.  I tried a few times to mass dispel it, and usually got it.  The problem was the warlock was casting unstable affliction everywhere so I might hit one or two of those and face plant myself into the ground or just get silenced long enough for someone to get toasted.

CC on this fight though is extremely important.  A friend of mine killed it before us so I asked them some questions and we fixed our CC a bit.  We were hex’ing the pally and sheeping the priest right off the bat.  We’d burn down the resto shaman hoping to get him before he cast bloodlust and then switch to the priest.  Try to keep him stun locked just long enough to get him toasted.  In the meantime we’d redo the sheep and our resto druid was healing his ass off / rooting the rogue / cycloning random shit.  After the priest we switched to the lock who likes to spam hellfire, but since he has like 400k+ HP it doesn’t really hurt him as much as peeps with 20k.  The boomkin went down next, dying relatively easy.  The ret pally was a bitch… but we kited him around.  The mobs are snareable so we had hunter traps all over the place (the mobs are immune to freeze trap though sadly).  We had the ranged stack on top of each other so we could rotate fears.

We looted the chest and found a tank trinket and tanky plate shoulders.  Which was great… except for the fact that both of our tanks had to leave early (we did it with 7 dps and 3 healers).

The fight is rather difficult.  You are supposed to get 7 10 mobs in 25 man.  We’ll see what happens Friday!


22 thoughts on “re: Faction Champions

  1. It’s 10 mobs in 25 man; if you found it challenging in 10-man, 25-man will make you question whether you really want to keep raiding…

  2. Falcs says:

    I think regular dispel will work on BoP, because purge will remove BoP as well. If they use Divine Shield then it’s either mass dispel or shattering throw.

  3. xeonio says:

    @Addy: …

    @Falcs: That might be true for BoP. I’ll see if I can bugger some pally to help me do some testing. Thx!

  4. Addy says:

    One of the primary jobs for distraction players will be to watch their target’s target and call out who they’re pursuing.

    Addy (5)

  5. Addy says:


    Your PvP trinkets will come in handy in this encounter as well, as you will be constantly controlled throughout the fight. For all but the most elite raid groups, you can expect this fight to last close to 10 minutes, so you will use your trinket several times throughout the battle.

    Addy (6)

  6. 25 man with 10 foes is horrible. Apaprently at least one guild on our server has done it though so its not impossible. We wiped for a couple of hours on it.

    It’s quite random numbers based, which is quite frustrating.

    Dispelling seemed to help a fair bit with keeping damage down. As a Disc priest I largely just dispelled on Decursive and chucked Mass Dispels and a few heals as I could.

    In 25 man they have 2.4 million+ health each. That’s 25s+ of sustained DPS to kill one if they are not getting healed.

    I think raid make-ups for this fight will end up with about 22-23 DPS and 2-3 healers.

    Our best attempt we downed one and got the second to about 30% or something. It of course would get easier once you kill the first 3-4. If you can get there.

    CC is moderately useful but being PvP duration we found serious interrupting more useful overall.

    Lord Jax is challenging but we usually one-shot him with some deaths. Faction Champions, at least in 25, we’re just frustrating and hoping that CC’s weren’t dispellied, or the warrior didn’t get a whirlwind off in between disarms, etc.

    I don;t mind wipping continuously because someone f’ed up (well I don;t like it but you know what i mean), but I hate continually wiping, hopinf to get lucky on the next attempt.

    Perhaps it’ll turn out better with xp, but I suspect we’ll see about a 40% nerf to their HP for 25 man.

    Gobble gobble.

  7. xeonio says:

    @Bobturkey: I’m really starting to fear 25man. We are doing it Friday. The RNG for this is what makes it the most frustrating I think. The random aggro means that sometimes your healers will be fine and sometimes they’ll get gang raped at the beginning. If I get any good things to work I’ll make sure to share ’em. Good luck to you all.

  8. Current theory in guild is that the FC do have an agro table of sorts but that it reset every 6s or so. No idea if this is correct or not.

    I find I often get beat on for about 6-8s and then they give up and attack someone else. Their pets are different and its not uncommon for me to be trailing a cat and a anti-caster warlock pet the entire fight…

    Anyway give 25 man a go. We might just suck 😉

  9. Addy says:

    In 10 man Heroism is spell-stealable (we’re doing 25 man tonight)–if you have mages in your raid it’s a waste to dispell it off the mobs.

  10. Addy says:

    So this fight took a few times to figure out, but was not that much harder to learn. I wonder if the RNG was being nicer to us this time around. On our last attempt I noticed our healers were not owned within 2 minutes of the pull. That made most of the difference I think, but there is so much going in that I could be wrong. Maybe someone was just that much better CCing or Stunning that last attempt.

  11. Tagra says:

    I think the fight changes a lot based on the composition of your opponents and your own raid… but on 25 man they just kinda throw everything at you so I would expect the difficulty won’t vary as much as on 10 man.

    I think what won the fight on our last attempt was people not using their AE attacks. Finally. They don’t stay CCed for long even unbroken, but it’s long enough to let the healers keep up with the damage, which is essential at the start when the most dangerous DPS is still alive and hacking people apart.

    Much like I can’t comprehend people standing in fire… I don’t understand how someone blows their AoE attacks when we’re trying to CC like 8 different things at once. ESPECIALLY if your AE damage is actually REDUCED in an obvious attempt to hint that you shouldn’t be AEing for this fight. I know a lot of people have had difficulty with the PvP mechanics of the fight because they’re unfamiliar with PvP, but “Don’t break the fucking CC with AE attacks” is not a PvP exclusive thing.

    As a side note, RaidBuffStatus was spamming the shit out of me when people were breaking CC, but I noticed Recount wasn’t picking up a lot of it in the CC breakers section… I guess I should see if the latest update is working properly.

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