Revamping the Past

I was over at (that’s the URL that wow insider moved to awhile back) and found a post talking about Which boss would you revamp to for level 80?.  I thought that was a great question, but I wanted to take it a little farther and wonder what would happen if any old world dungeon were revamped to 80.  Not just say Molten Core or AQ.

At first I started to think about something troll’ish, like ZF or ZG or holy god, how horrific would a level 80 version of Sunken Hell Temple be?!  I nix’d that, I’m sick of seeing trolls.  I don’t care how lore intensive they are to the past of Warcraft.

A quick jaunt over to‘s zones by level chart reveals all the current dungeons.  A couple of dungeons popped out and then it hit me.


When I rerolled priest it was about 4 months after the servers went live.  This put me considerably behind the curve of where everyone was at but I semi caught up with peeps, about 10 levels behind the slower leveling casuals.  No one really liked running Blackrock Depths because it took like 3 days to run it.  Maraudon however was decent XP and didn’t take to long with a semi good group.

As soon as I ding’d 40 I started trying to get Maraudon groups.  Peeps were like no, you’re way to low level but they usually caved because it was better to try it with a low level healer than to not do it at all.

I grinded out 40 to 50 in that lovely zone, I know ever part of that instance.


Protected by the fierce Maraudine centaur, Maraudon is one of the most sacred sites within Desolace. The great temple/cavern is the burial place of Zaetar, one of two immortal sons born to the demigod, Cenarius. Legend holds that Zaetar and the earth elemental princess, Theradras, sired the misbegotten centaur race. It is said that upon their emergence, the barbaric centaur turned on their father and killed him. Some believe that Theradras, in her grief, trapped Zaetar’s spirit within the winding cavern – used its energies for some malign purpose. The subterranean tunnels are populated by the vicious, long-dead ghosts of the Centaur Khans, as well as Theradras’ own raging, elemental minions.

I think this is a great back story to the original Maraudon.  I’d definitely build on it to create the revamped version.

After killing Thedras her elemental nature was returned to the earth,  fusing into Maraudon, allowing her control over the place like never before.  She quickly began corrupting the spirits of the Centaur that roamed the caverns.  Using them to lure the remnants of the Burning Legion that inhabited the caverns deeper into her lair.

Each Legion minion lured down into the depths was slain and its fel magics harvested to be used in her grand designs.  With the aid of the fel magic she began infusing the rocks within Maraudon in the hopes to create more vicious elementals.  The fel magic spread much more than she had planned though, seeping out to the nearby Maraudine centaurs that lived outside, bringing them under her tortured control.  An unexpected but delightful side effect.

As her fel centaurs began their raids on the nearby Horde outposts, the Spirit of Thedras kept perfecting her corrupted elementals composed of the fel infused rocks.  The constant shifting of rocks caused her main chamber to collapse and reveal the glimmer of deeper caverns in the rock bed, submerged in glimmering fel warped waters.

Far below sea level, Thedras had stumbled upon the lost chambers of Noth the Plaguebringer.  One of Noth’s first experimental labratories it was abandoned after the Third War.  This gave Thedras the tools and knowledge she would need to return to a physical form.

And all she would need… the flesh and souls of the living…

This is my idea anyway.  Thedras’ main goal is to form an army capable of killing Cenarius for forcing her and her lover Zaetar into seclusion.

The start of this raid instance would have two starting areas, much like the current Maraudon.  Starting out you would have to go through the orange ‘natural’ side that is composed mainly of fel centaurs.  Fighting your way down you would face 1 or 2 minor bosses until you came to the fel centaur commander or something.  When he dies you’d find out he was actually a member of the Burning Legion attempting to ursurp control of the centaurs from Thedras and he would drop some key that would let you up into the purple side of Maraudon.

Once you’ve killed him and obtained the key you could start by taking the purple path into Maraudon that has a couple of demon bosses and a shorter path to the inner sanctum of Maraudon.

Upon reaching the inner sanctum, Thedras would be alerted to your presence.  You’d have normal trash packs to kill as you moved deeper and a few bosses of course.  You’d also have a rumbling timer that would alert you to corrupted elementals that Thedras was summoning to come kill you.  The’d be on a set timer but each time they got to you they’d be increasingly stronger, basically a soft enrage timer for the zone itself.

The corrupted elementals could showup while you were fighting a boss so it would be important to engage a boss at the right time.  The thought behind the bosses in the inner sanctum is that they contained portions of Thedras’ fel nature powers so killing one would pearmanently weaken her (hello OS drakes).

Once you got to the end you’d find the Avatar of Thedras, a hulking amalgamation of centaur, naga, and burning legion body parts.

Personally, I would want this fight to be very elaborate.  This fight would be inspired by Lord Jaraxxus (in that lots of little pieces to be done by lots of people to get the big picture).  The fight would start with the Avatar merging into a wall the raid can’t reach.  Thedras would declare she is not ready yet, she needs more flesh and souls.  Part of the ceiling would collapse creating a maze like path from a lower level to the platform you are on.

It would be like a tower defense map from Warcraft 3 if you know what I’m talking about.  Waves of mobs come up this winding path.  Most of the mobs won’t attack you in any way, they simply run by you.  Some would be fast with low HP, some would be snareable, some slow with lots of HP… you’d just have to figure out creative ways to stop them.  Maybe after X number of seconds or maybe the raid has to close the cave opening the centaurs would stop.  If you failed the Avatar would complete and you’d have to fight it in a whole form.  It would be pretty strong but would basically allow you the chance to skip part of the encounter once you outgeared it.  Maybe have this be a hard mode or something.  Once you defeated all the centaurs you’d rush back up top where a wall would burst out and Burning Legion demons would start pouring through.  These demons are out to kill Thedras.

I don’t have it completely worked out in my head but maybe have it be something weird where you’d be able to either align with the demons to kill Thedras or align with Thedras to kill the demons (the enemy of my enemy is my friend type of thing).  The main goal though would be to keep Thedras’ Avatar from completing (regardless of side chosen).  If you allied with the demons you wouldn’t want her to kill to many of them so you’d have to tank her weird and do fun positioning and such.  If you allied with her you’d want to snipe kills from her.

Once you won for the demons a general would appear, Lord Yawn’s brother, Lord Fuzzypants and decree the area a wasteland.  He’d recall the legion units stationed there.  The loot would come from the Avatar of Thedras’ body as it contained things from the creatures it was composed of.

Allying with Thedras… Once most of the demons were dead Lord Fuzzypants would come out of a portal and you’d be forced to kill him.  His abilities would pull from the fel magic that was in the rocks around him until he was dead (Freya’esque) and then he’d use the last of the fel magic to escape.  This would allow Thedras’ to see you in a new light.  You’d see the Spirit of Zaetar asking his beloved wife Thedras to follow him into the afterlife and to not torture herself with these ideals of revenge.  Again, the loot would come off the Avatar’s corpse.

There ya have it, my idea for revamping a zone.  I kind of ran with the idea but I hope you like it!

Thought Break 5

I’m actually really interested in what others would do?  If you could take any old world instance (5man or raid) and revamp it, bring it forward to the current what would it be?  Would you do it like they are doing Onyxia, just cuz, or would yours have some story and personality behind it?

This is especially pointed out to any bloggers out there that read me.  I issue you this challenge.  Be as in depth as you want, have fun with it!  Then, make sure you give me a shout so myself and others don’t miss it.


2 thoughts on “Revamping the Past

  1. emptyay says:

    And they could make it Horde-only! That would be awesome! Whoot!

    Hehe but srsly…That is a great idea. Send it to Blizzard!


  2. xeonio says:

    @Misa: Thx! You should totally do one (that way you’d have a post /eye) =)

    How’s your store doin? Keepin’ ya busy?

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