Mountain o Mounts (89/100)

(Editor’s Note:  This is another one of those image heavy posts so it might take a bit longer to load.  I tried to make the screenies prettier this time though!)

Yes, its that time again.  Time for another update to the good ole’ Mountain o Mountains achievement.


Not long after the last time I updated I finished off my two other city reps, Dalaran and Exodar.  Personally I prefer the kitties without armor.  I think they just look better period. spotted frostsaber It’s a bit funny looking at them up close though.  You can see how outdated the textures are and how far Blizzard has come in the last 5 yrs.  Just comparying the polygons and such on these old sabers to the worgs we have in Northrend and you’ll quickly see a difference.

I had just started up my Netherwing dailies as I was finishing up these reps and was excited at how fast it was going.  Since there’s no one really farming these anymore I was getting around 1,000 to 2,000 extra rep a day from egg spawns.  The drakes also photograph beautifully,


I realized though that this is a lot of screenshots for you to look at so I wanted to kind of spice it up a bit, add a bit more flare for you (and cuz I was bored of them looking the same).

violet netherdrake

Sadly, I never did get all the Netherdrake quests finished.  The silly races where you follow the mobs around and try not to get knocked the fuck off… yea, I totally gave up on that.  I followed that guy and followed that guy… omg, I have no idea how anyone did it back in the day.  At least druids can switch back to flight form if they get knocked off, but that makes me wonder why they would be doing the quest in the first place.

Then I hit something like 156 Champion seals, just enough so that when 3.2 came out I could get this amazing creature.

white hippo

Right after buying it that feeling of relief set in… and I quit doing the Argent Tourney dailies.  I do really Really REALLY hate doing them.  I haven’t even tried the new ones out.  I think you can get like 10 champion’s seals a day now though, which is awesome.  swift moonsaberThat means every 10 days I could get one of the really nice faction mounts.

I’m not yet motivated.

Thanks to the Heroic Trial of the Champion or Crusader or some such name I’ve been getting a few seals a day though.  I went ahead and spent the 2,000g and 25 Champion’s seals to pickup the semi faction mount.

violet ram

Like I said, I had to get artsy with some of the pictures.  I was taking the screenies for these critters when I found the cat would very rarely look to the left and right.  I can’t tell you how long I sat, waiting for him to look to the side so I could capture this but it turned out really good.

I even bound a new macro /mountspecial so I could have them do their special mount trick while I had my UI invisible.

It doesn’t work on all things, cuz I guess they don’t have it. turbostrider I couldn’t get the Netherdrakes to do anything while flying but you can when you are on a carpet.  The kitties here pull back and do a roar, most mobs will rear up on their hind legs (horses, elekks, rams, etc.)  It doesn’t screenshot very well cuz their armor graphics pull back into your character model and you see the added as an afterthought textures inside the mouth.

What is neat on the cats though is that their claws twitch, like they are ready to pounce.  Its neat how Blizzard puts that extra attention of detail into things.

This red chicken is the Turbostrider, its the 400g 5 champion’s seals semi faction mount for the gnomes.  They look pretty good.  You feel like your hot rodding it around on them.

That’s the violet ram, its the semi faction mount for the dwarfs.  Not a whole lot to say about it.  It feels like a gray ram with a bit of recoloring.  It’s unremarkable and if the achievement didn’t require 100, I wouldn’t have picked this up.

red green elekk

The great red elekk (1/2 of him shown here) does look pretty good.  He has a fiery red / orange armor that reminds you very much of a champion of Ironforge.  I crossbred him though with a regular great green elekk since I finished that rep to.

swift gray steed The last of the new mounts is the swift grey steed.  For a horse I’m really surprised at how awesome they look.  Their armor is pewter and brown, a deeper rich brown.  It reminded me a lot of the brew fest ram and the best part, the green glowey eyes.  Very eerie!

Sadly, this leaves me with 11 mounts still to go.  I’m not sure when Brewfest comes along (or if its already gone by this year) but I think I can get 2 mounts out of that.  The kodo and the ram.  If only I had been smart enough to get the very first brewfest ram when the event first came out.  Oh well, I’ll get to camp the shit out this next brewfest, see if I can get 2 mounts.

They also changed Oculus, your iLevel of gear effects the strength of your drake so I should bugger Marisse and see if she wants to get to work again on that red proto drake.  I love the way they look… but hate their size.

Note to self… that pic for the horsie is way to big and needs to be resized so you don’t have to write in a buncha filler text to keep it from hanging off the bottom of a post in some weird grotesque wax museum kind of way.

I can start up my Argent Dailies again as well, that’s what… 10 days per mount so in about 2 months I will have all of those.  That puts me at 94, red proto is 95, some luck for a green proto is 96, blue proto is 97 and then I could get some freak stroke of miracles to get a ZG raptor or tiger, maybe a black drake from OS10 or an Azure or Blue drake off one of the Malygos.  I doubt that will happen though.  I’ll just shoot for a blue dragonhawk (that I’ll never ride cuz I think they look stupid, unless your horde and you get the bitchin’ armored ones) by X-mas.

Sorry, I’m just rambling now.  Its way to late in the night to be doing blog posts… toodlz!


2 thoughts on “Mountain o Mounts (89/100)

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Just a note about Netherwing rep and those racing quests…there’s a trinket or cloak or something from those guys that you can buy that will let you ‘parachute’ down to the ground when you get hit and knocked off your mount. If you don’t have that, I think you can levitate. I’m sure you don’t care anymore since you are all done that rep, but as completing all those challenges is an achievement too, I thought I’d mention it.

  2. xeonio says:

    @Shiningstar: Yea, I’m only after the mountain o mounts achievement, after that I don’t really care about achievements (at least right now). Thx though!

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