Boss 2: Lord Yawn

sleepy kitty

I KNOW!  You are thinking, why are there so many fucking kittens lately Xeo?

Well, ya see… I like having pictures on the blog.  I think its more interesting to at least have some sort of eye catcher or something interesting.  Lately, I’ve found kittens to be amazingly useful.  They do all sorts of crazy shit and have made for great openers.  I’ll try to space them out a bit more though so it isn’t quite so kitten heavy.

This week, Lord Jaraxxus Yawn was unlocked.  I recently read an article (soon as I find it I’ll link it) that was talking about the releasing of bosses once a week to slowly introduce the populace and how effective it was with Sunwell.  The problem with Coliseum though is that the bosses aren’t difficult.  We spent more time learning Beasts of Northrend the first time (last Saturday) than we did killing them this week and learning Lord Yawn.

In fact, I’m not even sure if I’ll have a strategy for this guy… it would read something like… after killing the northrend beasts a gnome will appear and give you lewtz.

The fight really was that easy I’m sad to say.


The positives for the fight.

Lord Jaraxxus has several different abilities that you have to contend with.  The great thing is that it isn’t 15 different abilities one person has to deal with (cept maybe the healers).  After the fight Shiningstar commented on how awesome it would be to do the fight as a DPS… that way you could actual see WTF was going on.  My point though is that there is a lot of little stuff going on that gives everyone a chance to do something.  There’s stuff to cure and things to dispel / spell steal and adds for OTs to pickup and get killed.  If you missed it, there is a metric fuckton of things to heal to.

The fight is easy, no doubt about it… but I do think it was fun (from a healer perspective anyway).

Here’s to hoping the faction champions are as fun.


6 thoughts on “Boss 2: Lord Yawn

  1. Shiningstar says:

    From a healer’s perspective, this was the Lord Yawn fight:

    “Shiningstar, go stand south and if someone gets “XX name of debuff, gheal them.” Otherwise raid heal and when the infernals come up, you heal XX tank.”

    Fight begins, gnome dies.

    I’m playing whack a mole with green bars, keeping one eyeball glued to DBM or BigWigs warnings (I never remember which one of those I have) for that debuff I’m supposed to gheal through. I vaguely recall seeing volcanoes shooting fireballs, people pooping fire, and big infernals running around. I think there was a heinie lady too. Maybe a couple, I dunno. The ones with the thongs on that seemed to be all over the place in BC.
    In the back of my mind I recall Xeo telling us to spread out (maybe there was lightning?) so I’m not only moving to get closer to the target with the debuff I’m supposed to heal through, but then also panicking because I realize I’ve now clumped up with 4 other ranged ppl.

    All of this reminds me of when, on a 10 man guild run in Naxx, I was asked to dps rather than heal. I saw fights for the first time. In the Gothik fight, I completely forgot to dps as I stood in awe watching the little lights that go around the top of the room. I’d never seen them when I was healing.

    I am not sure how I multitask heal and yet not know what a boss looks like. It doesn’t matter though, I guess, as long as people stay alive. Um…right?

  2. Norhia says:

    Keep the cats! The blog needs more cats. Do you need more pictures of cats? I have pictures of cats. I can share them with you.


  3. xeonio says:

    @Shiningstar: Yea, I set it so that peeps couldn’t edit their comments (I think). I thought it would be funnier that way, you proved it =)

    @Norhia: YouhadmeatZeo!Moarkittens4all!

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