HOLY rubber ducky batman!

confused kitty

I dropped my shadow offspec… sad times I know.  You can’t possibly be concerned… but luckily I’m going to tell you about it anyway.

Recently with the vampire sun eating my raid members I’ve gone from 7 to 5 healers.  When we need a 6th or 7th I’m bringing in someone who we don’t normally raid with.  This has led to an extremely unbalanced healing crew sometimes (read: 1 druid, 3 disc priests, 1 holy priest).  Not a horrible composition but the AE healing REALLY suffers with this setup.

This led me to the thinking that hey, I can just shift to holy for this fight… WTF was I thinking?

I copied Shiningstar’s holy build for the most part, switching around a few things to form mine.  I took the two points she has in Holy Reach (extends the range on COH, POH, Holy Nova, Divine Hymn by 20%) and put them into Blessed Resilience for the 2% extra healing power, but srsly guys…

between you and me…

I fucking hate holy.

Sure, COH is awesome… but its no penance.  My PW: Shields feel so… impotent and now I have disc priests yelling at me, telling me to get out of the deepend of the pool.

It’s just a different style of play to get used to I guess.  I had to setup power auras to show me Surge of Light procs and for when I get my 3 stack of Serendipity.  18k Greater Heal crits are pretty F’ing hawt though.  I remember when I saw the first one I was like OMG that’s gonna leave a HUGE divine ae… oh yea… /cry.

I feel so confused when I’m in my holy spec.  I’ve been trying to do my daily heroics as holy so I can get more accustomed to the switch over but heroics are so easy that I just keep everyone alive with a few flashes and mostly stupid big renews.

In other news though this 2nd week brings us Lord Jaraxxus, some demon guy.  I’m hoping he is more difficult than the Beasts of Northrend.  I should have an early strategy guide for the Beasts of Northrend up tomorrow.  I started working on it today and almost got it finished but the final strategy part itself needs to be edited.  I wrote things down as I thought of them so its rather… all over the place.

It’s like… you need two healers on the tank but don’t forget to stay OOR to the stomp and when you go into the second boss there’s lots of damage and don’t forget to stay out of the fire… yea… that’s how I tend to start the strategy guide and I have to go back and organize it into a semblance of something coherent.

Anyway, its late and I have to be up super early to take my sister to her first day of school in the morning… srsly… I have to be up at 7am.  I’m going to look like that kitten all day, draggin’ ass.


2 thoughts on “HOLY rubber ducky batman!

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Aww…poor Xeo. Holy really isn’t that bad, especially if you are little ADHD like I seem to be. It’s just frantic button mashing at times, whack a mole healing. It’s certainly not easy to sneak off for a bathroom break when you are supposed to be healing your raid as holy. Maybe that’s why you don’t like it. Don’t worry, I’ll work you into the pee rotation so you won’t stress over it.
    On the other hand, I’ve recently off-specced discipline for some 2’s arenas and it’s taken a lot of getting used to. I haven’t been disc since I raided BWL that way (when it was unpopular and before your precious penance). I find myself spamming my CoH binding and feeling pretty sad when I realize it’s not there. Do I do my dailies as disc to practice? Nope. I tried and got really frustrated. So Shiningstar is out there probably doing her dailies more inefficiently and less quickly than all the disc priests, but it’s something I feel more comfortable with. Kudos to you for trying to do them as holy. Practice does help, and I’ve gotten more accustomed to disc from doing arenas…but it’s not my love. I get by, but at the end of the day you’ll find me happier as holy.

  2. Lord Jaraxxus doesn’t have the special disconnection attack that the Northrend Beasts, especially the Impaler have. 🙂 He has a lot, i mean a ton of abilities, and its a crazy, crazy busy fight, but we found it easier than the beasts.

    For Lord Jaraxxus we had very little prior information on how he worked and we almost 1 shot him. We got him to 5% health. Second time we had 1 DC and one other person die, when we killed him. And of course he drops ilvl 20000000 gear which is about 20% better than T8.5!

    Worlds gone crazy 😉

    Gobble gobble.

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