Even Death can be overcome

Yogg DED

This pic is formatted for a much larger area so my apologies for the distortion and illegibility of it.  He died Friday night, 8.7.9, and I’m quite joyous to see him toasted.  We almost had him last week and I was hoping for another week prenerf but it was not meant to be.  Doesn’t matter, everyone performed brilliantly and we pwned.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is for the clouds to tell you who is fucking up, even if it was me a few times.

After our Ulduar cleanup on Saturday we headed to test out the Northrend beasts.  We had some initial difficulties, didn’t completely understand the workings of the acid / fire stuff in p2 and for some reason I thought I WAS standing OOR to the stomp… but never was and got interrupted often.  We were also splitting the DPS in p2 which isn’t really what you want to do.  I was surprised how little life they have though, even without the use of a Heroism we got Acidmaw to 30% before the first tunneling.

Loot dropped… I passed on the silly Trophy for t9.25 armor.  I hate the way it looks so much I might just go awhile without getting it.  /shrug


4 thoughts on “Even Death can be overcome

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Yer trophy is MINE, all MINE! Of course, I need 75 emblems of triumph in order to use it. 😦

    Yogg dying the other night was nice. All the hard work we put into learning the fight and learning to avoid the green clouds (well most of us, *cough* Xeo) finally paid off. However, it was kind of anticlimatic for me. I think I was expecting fireworks or something, a reward for all the time and energy we put into it. Now it is just kind of like bad sex…you expect something mindblowing at the end but instead you are left wondering, is that IT?!?
    I think I was more satisfied killing the beasts in Trial, learning something new. Looking forward to seeing whatever Blizz throws at us next in there.

  2. Wait…. wait…. there’s something other than bad sex??


    My guild hasn’t quite gotten to Yogg yet, as depressing as that is, we’re kinda still stuck at Robo-Boy Wonder. >_> But from what I’ve heard,watched, and read, it’s a fun fight that requires a lot of attention to detail. (Which is probably a good reason my guild ISN’T at Yogg…. *Fail-Dps-Flail*)

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