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I was just lookin’ around and found this,

We still like the idea of PW:Barrier. It wasn’t that the spell was inherently unbalanceable. We just thought we would have to devote a lot of effort to making it work, and given that we were in the middle of a patch with lots of changes, we thought we should focus on more critical matters.

It made me super ‘cited!  Granted, this isn’t any guarantee we’ll ever see it… in fact its more like a carrot they are dangling in front of us like player housing.

Which BTW I would totally drop one of my tradeskills (or both) to pickup interior decorating.

The fact that they said they’d like to implement it though makes me happy.  I really hope to see it.


3 thoughts on “/giddy!

  1. Shiningstar says:

    HAHA! Interior decorating. Actually I think player housing would be a dangerous thing as I tend to packrat stuff away. In SWG I had one whole house and a spaceship just full of clothes alone…

    Loved the cat picture too 🙂

  2. Norhia says:

    I vote carrot. They know priests are a grousey lot and they’re promising us spells that they know we are going to like to keep us playing. There almost isn’t a need for it anymore since they reduced the cooldown on PW:Shield to GCD, other than trying to save us from carpal tunnel.

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