vampire sun eats your bloggers

RAWR!  Yep, the sun is just like a vampire.  vamp sunIt slowly leeches the life from your raiders.  Then it slowly begins to transform them into outside people, at least until Winter comes and pwns his butt.

Granted, Blizzard hasn’t helped much this summer.  The watering down of the game has sent many packing for greener pastures or temporary breaks.  A lot of them have been blogs that I read.

Let’s review my current blogroll and see where we can make some additions / subtractions.

  1. Bobturkey – He’s been strong this summer.  Holding tight, hiding from the Vampire Sun!  He’s come up with some great numbers for both Holy and Discipline that I’ve used for my gear list.  He also does a lot of other fun posts, a great read.  Keeping him in the ole’ blogroll.
  2. Casual Collective – This is Daemia from a prior Rez of the Week.  He’s blogging pretty regularly and is a great read for the casual person.  Always funny and flippant in his responses to PUGs and the general WoW population.  He’s not going anywhere.
  3. Holy Dueg – He was one of the strongest blogs that I read.  He was extremely consistent in his daily writing but I fear the worst for him.  The Vampire Sun and his evil cohorts, the IRL Mummy and Job Zombie have been after him.  He’s slowly starting to slip away… we’re gonna keep him around on the blogroll for awhile though.  Summer is at its peek so if he can last a lil’ while longer he should make it.
  4. Leafshine – She’s back!  She was in the process of slowly fading away when she caught her WoW bug again.  She usually has short, funny posts that are a quick pick me up.  A definite keeper.job zombie
  5. Nerf this Druid – Are druids just naturally funny?  She always has great posts, a lot of them are very informative as well and she likes to break down the maths sometimes to.  She’s a keeper.
  6. Penance Priest – Penance was never… regular (at least since I’ve started reading it) but you’d check back about once a week to see if anything new was posted.  Their posts were usually long and very informative.  Sadly, there hasn’t been anything new since 6/14/09.  I fear they are completely lost, as such… I will be removing them.
  7. Psionic’s PC Gamer – Psi is a guildie of mine and I know the IRL Mummy is constantly stepping on his heels.  As such his posts are few and far between.  Until he becomes more regular I’m going to say goodbye to him as well.
  8. Pugnacious Priest – Reliable, witty, great read… what more can you say?  Checkmark for keeping.
  9. Shadow Weaving – One of the early blogs that helped me get into writing but she’s gone absent.  I fear she may have been kidnapped and Vampire Sun simply forgot to mail out the ransom message.  There’s been no word from her since June 1st, 2009.  The byebye box, checked.
  10. World of Matticus – A lot of people read this blog.  I’ve had the honor of being listed as an opposing view in one of his posts (I got all giddy like a school gurl)!  There are multiple bloggers on his site which leads to more than one post a day.  He also runs the sites PlusHeal and NoStockUI which are both great reads.

IRL mummyBefore I start talking about the blogs I’m adding I want to give a shoutout to WoW Headlines.  It lists a bunch of blogs, neatly organized and lists their newest posts.  You can also click on say Priest, and see every blog that is listed under the Priest category.  I highly recommend taking a look over there if you have some free time.

Now, the new blood (no vampire sun pun intended)…

  1. /Officerchat – “Suffering through guild mistakes so that you don’t have to”, a quote taken from his header.  It’s a nice point of view with good posts.  He’s a bit erratic in his postings but still consistent in the fact that you’ll find new stuff every few days or so.
  2. Skeleton Jack – Since I’ve taken more of an interest in my Death Knight lately I’ve been trying to stay fresh on information.  Skeleton Jack reminds me a lot of Holy Dueg (in terms of amount of postings).  Having something new and fresh almost daily is refreshing and very nice.
  3. ???

I’ve been looking for a decent resto shaman blog to add to my list but for some reason… she’s the only toon I have that I’ve never done tons of theorycrafting on.  She’s as pure as the driven snow.  I know how I want to heal with her so I get gear that improves that type of healing.  It’s also why I’ve never found a good resto blog cuz they are constantly telling me how / what I should be doing!  Plus its hard to find a blog during the Vampire Sun Summer months.

Anyone have any blog recommendations?  It’s always fun to find new things.


10 thoughts on “vampire sun eats your bloggers

  1. Thanks for the shout. ; ) I’ve been all kinds of erratic, you wouldn’t even know.

    Have to start drinking less, and writing more, like a good blogger should. It’s rough.

    Keep on rockin’

  2. Ouch, I didn’t make the list ><

    Hehe. Ok, so I don't deserve to, still…I'll keep my sense of entitlement, thank you very much 😉

    Hopefully with the new store guild forming (check my new post for that story, lol) I'll be on more and have more to write about.

    Then maybe you'll like me 😉



    p.s.- with all my favorite bloggers packing up and shutting down, you're my last holdout for some semblance of regular updates…don't fail me!

  3. xeonio says:

    @Misamane: =) Actually, I lost your blog when my firefox crashed and I’ve been trying to find a buncha old ones that I read. It never occured to me to just look at my comments.

  4. @Xeo…yeah uh huh whateva 😉

    Hehe on the bright side, if you HAD been keeping up with my blog, you wouldn’t have seen anything new and you’d have just been wasting your time. Now it’s like a fresh start hehe.


  5. From what I’ve gathered and been able to find, WoM’s Lodur is the best Resto Shaman blogger around. There just isn’t much of a market for that niche, and if you find a good, dedicated Resto Shaman blog, please let me know.

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