Conversations II – Introducing the Bad Applicant

There are right ways and wrong ways to apply to guilds.  Personally I take offense to someone applying to my guild as well as others at the same time (not everyone has that same opinion).  I’m also HEAVILY against someone applying to a guild when they already have a guild.  That’s neither here nor there.

I was going to try and paraphrase what was said… but I wouldn’t do it justice.  Below is several images I’ve chopped up and cropped to make it more friendly to the blog.  Things I’ve cut are guildchat, random channel chat, things not pertinent to the conversation.

By the time I decided to make a post about this applicant I had already been speaking to him for a short bit… long enough that I lost the beginning of the conversations in my chat log.

Prior to the images he had asked about joining the guild.  98% of everyone in Relentless has gone through the same process, they applied on the website and then got an invite after speaking with myself or one of the coleads.  I told him to post an app and he told me he doesn’t do that.  That his DPS is so amazing (on the server he wants to transfer from) that they talk about him in trade channel, they sing his praises, but he’s to modest and ignores it.  I wish I had a screenie from when he said that.  I nearly crap’d myself.

Anyway, it is fine to brag on yourself a bit when applying, saying you do 8k dps raid buffed is a good useful thing to hear.  Links to WWS or other reports are more helpful and don’t read as bragging at all.  He just kept going on and on and on though… eventually I just said the guild is full…

bad app 1bad app 2bad app 3bad app 4bad app 5bad app 6


15 thoughts on “Conversations II – Introducing the Bad Applicant

  1. Shiningstar says:


    I’ll give him an A+ for persistence. He certainly is “relentless.”

  2. Agape says:

    Wow. I really feel sorry for this guy. So desperate, and so crazy on so many levels. I think he really doesn’t get why people don’t like him…

  3. xeonio says:

    @Agape: It’s really sad to see people like this. Just completely oblivious to how they alienate others around them. =(

  4. Winteros says:

    Xeo I hate you….

    “This guy annoys the hell outta me, I’ll send him to bug Wint he’s on” 😛

    and yeah this guy is complete fail, everything he said was basically a lie.

  5. Winteros says:

    OH and I especially got a kick outta him saying he’s cleared the heroic versions of 10/25 man CC. Too stupid to even make his lies plauseable LOL

  6. xeonio says:

    @Winteros: LOL! Yea, there are tons of spots I wanted to make ‘editor’s notes’ but when I tried reducing the size of the image it quickly became illegible. He couldn’t remember my guild website though when I told him what it was so I doubt he’ll remember you guys, which sux. I need him to bug you to!

  7. daemia says:

    I can’t believe you would deny this guy. He made up his own loot system! And he has a three minute soulshatter!!!!!

  8. xeonio says:

    @Daemia: LOL! I edited out the parts where I was mentioning things in guildchat that he said. Sweettness even logged to quit talking to him.

  9. LOL

    I once met someone like this… and to humor them, I let them pug a run…. they were in Naxx 25, T7.5… should be able to hold their own, right? Well the same class in questing blues managed to out DPS him…

    Needless to say, adjustments were made and mockery ensued. =) There’s nothing better than public humiliation.

  10. Eldor says:

    So this is actually the first post I’ve read here all the way through and I’m not sure if I could handle people like this. He’d have been put on my ignore way quicker then that.

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