Hit the Deck! 3.2 Fallout

Patch 3.2. falloutIt has always amazed me how releasing one new zone can demolish another zone.  How one new feature can obliterate the things around it… kind of like a DK on a priest.

XT002- Deconstructor is now easier in hard mode than in normal mode.  Used to you’d drag his big whiny metal butt over between two piles and the the piles on the opposite side would spawn adds.  That was always great, gave you ample time to get shit dead.

Well, last night when we engaged him and burned him quickly to 75% we found those close piles spawning adds.  We thought fux!  They fixed it!

Not true.

They broke it.

Our next attempt had him in the center of the room where we quickly realized the adds that were spawning weren’t just a few from each corner… it was like every trigger in every Ulduar instance in the game spawned in our fight.  It was literally a conga line of robots with XT being the front.

Hard Mode on XT makes him stop spawning adds but you have to deal with different shit which kind of a hassle… from what I’ve read though thats the only way peeps have been beating him.

My guess is that with the changes to the way the game see’s dungeons it is confusing the system.  Instead of 25man and 10man (with heroic modes inside) you have 10man, 10man hard, 25man, and 25man hard.

Flame Leviathan is also supposed to be buggy, the group I was with didn’t do any towers but he had a huge lifepool for 0 towers.  Someone else reported killing him with 2 towers up and not getting the achievement.

Freya has also been reported as having a significant damage reduction (I’d assume bug, I haven’t seen the fight yet so not sure how big significant is).

Hopefully it’ll get fixed ASAP…

EDIT:  I got into Ulduar last night on my alt and there was a semi hotfix on Decon.  I’m not sure if it works in every corner but his NE corner didn’t spawn adds when we started him out there.  Then DPS was just spread out on the adds that came in, focusing on bomb bots since they’d do a lot of the work for you.

EDIT 2:  You can find more fallout information from Mr. Matticus in this post.


2 thoughts on “Hit the Deck! 3.2 Fallout

  1. Tagra says:

    Granted these are 10 man experiences but this is what happened to me last night:

    Didn’t notice anything unusual on FL but we only did +2 because we were still waiting for people to show up to fill out the raid, and it’s not like the extra badge from +3 is particularly valuable anymore anyway.

    XT was… interesting… but it seems like it still inactivates the pile you tank her at, just not both on that side. Interestingly enough I found the adds easier to deal with, lol, because the bomb bots in the center of them set off chain reactions to blow the fuck out of all of them so you don’t have to dick around with snaring and AEing. It’s just that every side spawned groups at once and I can’t be in all four places, our other ranged thought they could handle it the old way and got exploded trying to AE them all, and it was an undermanned 10 man so it’s not like we were dripping in other ranged to throw at it. The heftier melee helped a bit in running out to blow up bombs if I was busy on the far side, but we managed to kill her on the second try with 8 people.

    I didn’t notice anything different about Freya except that holy fuck how are we supposed to see the beams from the one protector? People couldn’t see them BEFORE to not stand in them and now even *I* can’t fucking see them when I’m looking for them. But Hodir… I swear there has to be a bug with the lightning buff and its effects were retained for a lot longer. I didn’t have the lightning graphics on me but I was critting for 25k out of the blue. Still no hard mode despite that though 😦

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