Rez of the Week – Psion

RTW Psion Elemental extraordinaire, one of the few elemental shamans I have had grace me since TBC.  He brings flare and annihilation… a winning combo in my book.

Psi is also the reason for a new question on the list that I will be including in all future interviews.  I ask had to reroll would you choose the same thing and why.

Back in TBC Psi was / is an amazing druid.  He was feral, one of my OTs and did great.  Lich King rolled around and he switched to shaman… I still don’t know the story behind that pearmanent form shift.

Let the thunderstorm begin…

Name: Psion
Class: Shaman

Where are you from:
Born in Springfield, MO and lived there the most in my life, but throughout my childhood I lived in St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Tampa.

Would you consider yourself… hardcore:
Yes I play too much. I don’t think I take it as serious as some hardcore players may though.

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec: Elemental / Resto

What do you use your offspec for:
PVP mostly. I’ve healed heroics with it but it annoys the hell out of me that I can’t DPS.

How long have you been playing: Since launch.

What about WoW keeps you coming back:
The people for sure! Also I’m digging the achievement system and how the mounts/pets work now.

Has WoW taught you anything you’ve applied to IRL:
This question has really thrown me for a loop.  I’ve played a long time and still play quite a bit, so I’m sure the answer is yes, in a lot of ways, but none that I can pinpoint to “X has led to Y.”

If you had to reroll…
Would you choose the same thing: Probably not.
Why: That doesn’t mean I don’t love my shammy, I do, but if I ever had to level up again it’s going to be a class I haven’t leveled yet (Warlock or Warrior).  I have many alts and as my main I’ve had Hunter, Priest, and Druid over the years.

Why did you choose to switch your mains between TBC and Lich King:
This is kind of a long story.  Basically, I got my Dad and Andrea (his girlfriend) to try the game.  Almost all my guild (Marauders) transferred off Nazjatar to join Silver Hand since Dar and Del knew people there IRL.  I felt bad about about leaving my Dad behind so me and Capricorn (my brother) leveled up shammy/pally with them back on Nazjatar.  Lich King came out right as we were hitting 70 so we leveled to 80 and I kind of left my druid behind.  PVP as it is being a shaman, really sucked, and I missed everyone from Relentless.  So again, I transferred off (with Cap) to join you all. Still couldn’t convince my Dad to make the switch also because he really enjoys world PVP. I do too, but not as shammy. It was just easier to switch shammy to my main then re-level up to 80 on my druid. Second, with the new mounts system, as a shaman I actually had to use the mounts. On my druid with flight form I would never use the flying ones, so it felt like a waste of time collecting them. Last but not least, I had many of the achievements done on shaman that I didn’t want to have to do a second time.

Best Raid Moment:
Tough question… overall I just love raiding, first-time boss kills are always awesome. Even seeing Yogg phase 3 was up there.  On my druid, I remember the first time I was #1 on the damage meters, when ferals were still considered not that great and a recent patch had buffed us a bit.  Inspecting Dariar (tank at the time) in the middle of TK and noticing he was in full nature resist from SSC the night before was pretty hilarious.  Last but not least, this is PVP but still kind of a raid – an all druid Warsong Gulch. We kicked ass!

Favorite Raid Mod:
I have a hard time with favorites… Recount is great since I’m strictly DPS now. But back when I was a tank, my favorite by far was Omen, it was a godsend.

Favorite Boss Encounter:
Al’ar – I was a tank then and doing the tank dance up top was always fun.  Plus Al’ar looks hot, like literally.

What Food / Flasks do you use:
Fish Feasts or Firecracker Salmon / Flask of the Frost Wyrm

Since I’ve been doing lots of reputation grinding lately, I have a really nice macro that automatically will turn in repeatable quests.  I don’t have any raid macros I use. When I used to tank, I had kill order macros, auto-marking skull targets, etc.

Flame Shock (FS), Lava Burst (LBur), Lightning Bolt (LB) – FS,LBur,LB,LB,LB,LB,LB,LBur,LB,LB,LB,LB rinse/repeat. Priority is fitting two LBur in your 18sec. FS and spamming LB as much as possible.

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
All the common ones I assume, Elitist Jerks, MMO-Champ, Wowhead. My shammy is much more simple than my druid was when it comes to gear/rotations.

Any tips for playing your class:
Don’t expect to win in PVP as Elemental.  If you outgear your tank Wind Shock comes in handy but you lose a LB cast because of the GCD.  Blizz does not have many gear selections for us in Ulduar, anything with Spirit/MP5, besides 550sp weapon, is going to hurt your DPS.

If you could be any mythical creature, What would it be: God.
Why: I could recreate the world, or start a new one, all based on WoW! How cool would that be?


3 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Psion

  1. Shiningstar says:

    It always gives me a warm feeling in my heart when I read that everyone picks the fish feast as their favorite raid food. 🙂 Now I know that no matter how much you guys complain “fish AGAIN??” it’s really just your way of validating my neverending quest for the elusive turtle mount.

    It’s also good to read about a REAL shaman (*cough Zeonio*) who zaps things for a living. I bet Psi has applied this to RL and can shoot lightning out of his fingertips…Psi you forgot that you learned that from WoW, didn’t you?

  2. daemia says:

    I had no idea that Cap and Psi were related! I actually thought Cap was an Eldor-kinfolk.

    I’d like to make the Psi-switch too. Maybe I’ll work on that in 3.2.

  3. @Shiningstar
    Yah I love the Fish Feasts, carry around a few myself but usually just 5-10.

    We have had a lot of lightning lately around Orlando…

    Even if you don’t make it your main, I recommend everyone try Shaman at least once, it’s really a fun class.

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