Chain Flash!

Oh sure… you think this is going to be about priests and spamming flash heal.

It’s not.

This post is about a secret world of restoration shamans.  My alt, Zeonio, thats what she is.

A wonderful, tentacle draeni female that pops totems and spams chain heals at break neck flash heal speeds.

Everyone will tell you that I’m doing it wrong though.  That the way I choose to gear and socket and my healing style is ludicrous.

The healing meters say otherwise, and lets face it… thats all that matters!

Have I lost ya yet?  Still paying attention?  What’s the point of this you ask.  It’s to provide a foundation for a different style of Resto Shaman healing.


Lets get started.  First step is to understand what you are doing.  The main premise here is to stack haste and get Chain Heal’s cast time as low as you can without sacrificing to much (which there are very few things to extreme to sacrifice).

Every socket, every enchant… all of it is dedicated to haste.

After you start stacking haste you’ll notice your mana pool is dwindling… fast.  That’s where good ole’ mp5 comes in.  Don’t socket for it, but if you get to grab it on some gear with haste, jump at it.

Next up on the stat choices is spell power, important but easily out trumped by haste and mp5.

Intellect is an important stat but it already comes on most of your gear.  You don’t really have to think about picking it up… its a side effect from getting the important haste / mp5 healing gear you will need.

Crit is a useless stat in my opinion.  Yes, it does effect your healing as crits from the later jumps in chain heal can help to addup but it doesn’t directly effect what we are trying to do.

Recap:  Haste >>> mp5 >> Spellpower > Int > Crit

This setup seeks to abuse chain heal.  I constantly hear shamans complaining about their inability to heal people in AE situations.  Abusing haste allows you to do quantity instead of quality with your chain heals.

In a raid setting my shamans chain heal is 1.71 seconds at about 12k healing (the combination of the 4 jumps).  It’s no POH or COH or WG but it is the original smart heal.  Target the person with the lowest life and let it do the jumping around.

Don’t let anyone tell you that shamans are made for MT healing now adays.  With the right setup you to can prevent forest… heal raids!


3 thoughts on “Chain Flash!

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Personally I think elemental is more fun, as it gives me a break from my regular healing routine and lets me zap stuff with big bolts of lightning. It’s very tension-relieving. However, I realize that unlike most normal people, you have no pent up frustrations or suppressed anger issues that need to be addressed, so I guess resto would be ok for you. 😛

    As a side note, our laptop for our trip is not up to WTLK standards apparently and I will be unable to log in to do my jewelcrafting daily this week. I will be able to log in HERE though for something to read. I will be back.

  2. xeonio says:

    @Shiningstar: I was enhancement main in TBC but Hyjal broke me. I HATE chasing mobs around, at least my DK can drag it to me. I went resto in Lich King (cuz I ❤ healing). Just recently I switched my offspec to elemental and its been a bit fun. Certainly more fun than the LB spam in TBC.

    @Daemia: Even with my complete devaluation of crit, my stats have me raid buffed at about 35% crit. This is mainly due to talents. When the changes went in for crit / hit being one stat (instead of spell crit / melee crit, etc.) shamans are able to get 10% crit just from talents.

    I think 3.2 will only make my build better since I'll be spamming super fast chain heals and since water shield will proc off chain heal… its amazing synergy.

    Granted, that's untested as of right now but I love my current build and getting more mana can only improve the build.

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