Love the Conversations

I used to login from work just to do dailies.  I wouldn’t talk much but I’d sure get some ingame shit done.

Now I just login for the conversation.

Just yesterday I was talking to Shiningstar about parenting and keeping kids away from the crazies (like me) who use completely inappropriate colorful language.  Sometimes you can’t though and they see something you have to explain away…

shiningstar parenting

When World of Warcraft meets parenting!  LOL!

She’ll probably kill me for posting these but I don’t care.  She’s a trip.  She’s been farming for that silly reputation achievement and pwning pirates for months now or something insane.

You can tell the stress is starting to get to her…

shiningstar parenting 2

Then sometimes… peeps just have blonde moments.  Ever walk into a room and forget why you went in?  Ever lock the keys in the car and after cussing for 10 minutes realize you left a backdoor unlocked?

We all have those moments…




One thought on “Love the Conversations

  1. Shiningstar says:

    But now I am done with pirates. That leaves my other goal…the elusive turtle mount. At least with pirates I can count down to my goal, with the mount I can’t. Sigh.

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