Rez of the Week?

Tuesdays are patch days.  The day when bloggers know the most traffic is gonna hit their sites.  That means we, as bloggers, should have something enticing for you to read!  We should strive to have something ready and rearing to go… just for you… the reader.  That’s why I started the Rez of the Week bit.  It gave me a guaranteed idea everyweek of what I can do on Tuesday.

confused copyWhere is this weeks Rez?  Well…. /kicks around some dirt…


I got a new video card!

Not enough of a deflection?

I can explain!

Ya see, I went to Dariar and Delinia’s house last night after work.  Del enticed me over with her amazing cooking and the promise of Tivo.  I watched some amazing So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef Masters (Editor’s Note:  The new season of Top Chef starts August 19th). Then out came the heavy guns, Watchmen.  Which is a great movie by the way.

Its a bit slower moving than a regular movie but its a great adaptation from the graphic novel.  It certainly helps you understand things you might not have when you read the novel.

so… I got home about midnight with my new video card and of course I had to install it.  I got an Nvidia GeForce GTX 275 and I must say, this thing is like viagra.  It’s quite a bit of a step up from my GeForce 6800.

I logged into WoW.

I turned up the graphics.

I wept.

It’s like playing a new game when you crank up the graphics.  I had this urge to go do quests and cast spells just to see how pretty they were.  I even did some heroics…. voluntarily… I wasn’t dragged kicking and screaming to the instanc tied to the main tank so I’d be forced to HEAL or DIE!

I looked at the clock… 3am.  Hmm… not exactly prime time for writing a blog entry.  Especially when your eyes are rolling back into your head.

Where does that leave you though… the reader.  In a perturbed position, that’s where.  Oh sure, I can hear some of you chanting, NO EXCUSES, JUST FIX IT! But I can’t.  It’s to late.  It’s Tuesday and I can’t exactly login can I?!

I can only offer this post as a hopeful substitute.

I can offer offer you some links to some NON WoW blogs that I personally read.  You may or may not find them interesting.  If you don’t, try some of the peeps off my blogroll (those are all WoW related blogs).

  • Kirsten Can! – A whimsical blog that is just so gosh darn cheery.  I read her stuff and it just cheers me up.
  • Marjie’s Dye Studio – This is simply what she does for a living, dying and making things with fabric.  I stumbled upon it recently when I started bleaching things and her work is just amazing.  If you like artsy stuff or you’re just inquisitive about things… this is a great blog.

3 thoughts on “Rez of the Week?

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Inexcusable, even if there is no server downtime today. Isn’t this two weeks in a row of slacking? This is so not like you. I will check out those blogs you linked later though. Maybe THEY do updates on Tuesdays, unlike SOME people.


  2. Conifer says:

    I liked this entry. Reminds me of when I upgraded my computer and turned up all the gfx. Dynamic lighting, terrain detail, spell effects – it’s really a beautiful game if you have the computing power to see it all.

    I remember going to Tanaris and seeing the dynamic lighting on the wind-swept sand dunes during sunset. I was in shock at the graphic detail they put into the game that I had never seen before.

  3. xeonio says:

    @Shindig: /cry

    @Conifer: I’ma have to go check that out Con. I want to see how amazing it looks.

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