Random Post #OMG its a green cloud!

I realize this is supposed to be a WoW blog but I’ve been having fun injecting some IRL into it.  Making it more… personal.  I hope y’all like it to.

Delinia and I duo’d the garage sales again this morning.  This might just become a weekly thang!  RAWR!

I’m not completely sure how I even got out of bed this morning honestly.  Yesterday was the day from hell.  My car broke down making me 10mins late to work.  Our cash boxes were all fuck’d up.  Then my car broke down AGAIN after I finally got it running to get to work (farewell $115).  I had to have an employee meeting that resulted in me going raid leader on their asses.  Telling them how they fuck up a lot and how they need to fix it or I’ll find a new employee that will.  My laptop got some corrupted files so I had to reinstall stuff (firefox being one of them so now all my links are gone ARGH!)

/rambling off

Last night’s raid started out pretty good.  I was testing some alternate pathing through Freya’s room to speed it up which ended up resulting in longer than normal time to kill Freya but we got her wooden butt pwned without much hassle.

Mimiron and Vezax were both one shots, putting them officially on farm now.  My healing crew does fucking phenomenal on those fights.  There’s not really much else I can say.  Yes there is… all 24 of my raiders are really doing kick ass jobs and I’m proud of them.  /tear

We got a good 2hrs of Yogg practice (we’re back down to 2 days of raiding, I can’t get a decent turnout for Saturday mornings atm).  We spent a lot of time working on, GTFO GREEN CLOUDS!  That might be my next shirt.

We got p1 on pretty much farm after about an hr.  Phase 2 is like… a whole new ballgame.  It amazes me that Yoggs loot is the same iLevel as the rest of the zone even though his fight is considerably more difficult than the rest of them.  We got a couple of really good attempts in p2 and I’m confident that if we get one Saturday to work on him then we will have his ass turned to grass and I’ll be a big red lawnmower.

A friend of mine linked this to me so I just have to show it off.  I got it from HERE.



5 thoughts on “Random Post #OMG its a green cloud!

  1. Tapol says:

    I love reading your post all of them. I laugh, smile, and realize how gald i am that you are the raid leader. It takes being a bitch sometimes, but if you weren’t i doubt that we would be as far as we are now. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Conifer says:

    Well I have to admit it – your healing team IS pretty sick.

    And I know it’s not said enough, so thank you for leading this charter. You do an outstanding job balancing progression and fun.

  3. xeonio says:

    @Tapol / Conifer: Thx you two. I hope you know how much I appreciate the both of you and love having you around.

    @Shadowfaux: You quit WoW! You go way! We’re gonna have Yogg down by the time u ever come back. We did find a replacement tank for you though whose been doing very well so don’t feel bad that ya know… u bailed on us! =)

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