Tier Upgrade Update

Patch 3.2.Heya all,  I’ve been stolen from WoW for a bit.  Doin’ some beta testing ATM for a came called CitiesXL.  I’m still under NDA (I think) so I don’t want to say to much but think of like Sim City Online.  If you like these types of games then you’ll love this game (if they fix it up).

It allows you to build a city, like Sim city, but you aren’t supposed to be able to provide everything your city needs.  Because of this you have to trade with other cities (read: players) to get the things you are missing.  At the moment my city lacks Manufacturing so I export my materials to them.  It’s pretty kewl I must say.

The only downside ATM is that its extremely buggy (yes, I know its beta).  You can only play it for a bit until the memory leaks in it go haywire and it slows to a crawl.  It’s a pretty common problem that a lot of peeps on the beta boards are complaining about so I’m guessing its a top priority to get fixed.  Its rather random to as to when the leaks set in so they must be all over the place.


Because of this I’ve reinstalled Sim City 4 and been going haywire on it.  I forgot how much I loved this game.  It doesn’t like Vista though, I have random crashes with it sometimes that is driving me crazy.  Especially after I’ve put a lot of work into a city and haven’t saved in awhile.

I just crashed and my Firefox was sitting on my blog… figured now would be a good time to holla back at all my gurls!

This post does need something WoW related though…

This info was pointed out on MMO Champ awhile back but I didn’t realize it at the time.  The way that you obtain the new armor is a bit weird.  You have 3 ranks of the new armor, the t9, t9.25, and t9.5.

T9 and T9.25 both just cost badges of triumph (which drop in 10man, 10man hard, 25man, 25man hard, and you can get them from the daily heroic dungeon and daily dungeon).  The T9.5 is a bit different thoug, it requires the armor piece like before… but the armor piece has changed.  It is now one token that you can turn in for any piece of the tier.  I definitely like that idea.

The link above gives a nice graph for the costs and such w/o me trying to break my neck trying to recreate it.

… (elapse like an hour or something stupid)…

I decided I’d check the stats though and compare, see just what all you are getting with your badges!

8.50 86 86 81 50 0 115
9.00 92 92 72 72 0 122
9.25 103 103 82 82 0 140
9.50 116 116 94 94 0 160
8.50 75 82 60 0 72 132
9.00 92 92 72 0 72 122
9.25 103 103 82 0 82 140
9.50 116 116 94 0 94 160
8.50 65 65 41 0 62 190
9.00 68 68 60 0 52 96
9.25 77 77 67 59 0 109
9.50 86 86 76 0 68 124
8.50 78 75 76 0 67 116
9.00 92 92 72 0 64 113
9.25 103 103 82 0 74 131
9.50 116 116 94 0 86 151
8.50 60 56 60 49 0 100
9.00 68 68 52 60 0 96
9.25 77 77 59 67 0 109
9.50 86 86 68 76 0 124

…(elapse one two hours)…

I finally got it all entered into pretty tables.  I tried a couple of different formats and this is the one that worked the best.

From the looks of it the t9 isn’t much of an upgrade other than to maybe fill out for a set bonus.  I don’t know why’d you do that though since a few extra badges will net you a higher ilevel of gear.  /shrug

Ta ta, back to Sim City 4!


One thought on “Tier Upgrade Update

  1. Yeah the basic WYSIWYG editor for WordPress doen’t allow much in the way of useful table presentations…

    Higher tier gear = more of everything – check! 🙂

    Must check out a recent version of Sim City sometime. I don’t think I played it since the original.

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