t9 horde priest graphic

I was fixin’ to head out to go garage saleing when my partner in crime said they’d be late.  I sat down to check mmo champion and realized I somehow missed out on the full showing for the t9 graphics.  The horde stuff is somewhat okay, it makes me think more warlock than priest though.

tier9 horde priest

It certainly doesn’t look  ‘priesty’ to me that is for sure.  Its like they got past the robes and turned it over to some crazed fan boy tweaker that spent more time eating the glue than piecing things together.  I have NO IDEA wtf is going on with that helm or why the shoulders are 80’s rejects.

I’m sorry horde priests.  At least the alliance priests can turn the ugliest part of theirs off =(


6 thoughts on “t9 horde priest graphic

  1. “At least the alliance priests can turn the ugliest part of theirs off”

    You guys can turn off the fact that you’re Alliance? Neat!

    Lol, but really, it looks ok, but the fact that locks/mages/priests all look the same is the problem.


  2. Myssidia says:

    >_> I know some shadow priests that will be happy with the look of the new T9… However… ^^ I enjoy the look of it. It’s definitely more Horde-like than the Alliance set. I dunno, but I’ve always thought that white glows and halo(e?)s are fine and look neat; however, dark glows or random blinking eyes (i.e. darker looking armors) always seem to make me think “Wow, that must be good armor to look so bad-ass.”

  3. Norhia says:

    No way. I am a healy little light following priestess. I don’t want to wear a bunch of eyeballs and teeth. It would be like the ZA gear all over again. I’ll keep glowey shiny stuff thankyouverymuch.

  4. Shiningstar says:

    Totally agree with Norhia. Priests should look pretty and glowy and vulnerable and…angelic. I don’t want to look like I’m spotlighting as an axe murderer.

  5. xeonio says:

    @Misamane: LOL! It’ll probably look somewhat kewl when you go shadow but the helm is really troubling to me and I don’t understand the point of big pointy shoulders like that. With the red they certainly don’t conjure an image of ‘healer’.

    @Myssidia: I kind of agree with you, take t6 for example. It looked very cult like priest and I LOVED it. This just seems a bit… mismatched?

    @Norhia / Shindig: I loved t5… I loved t6… I just think the armor should conjure images of a priest when you look at it (be it good or evil).

  6. Sídekick says:

    I think this gear looks so bad. yeah shadow priest might like it but you can’t tell what the gear looks like when they are in shadow form anyways. I just want some gear that looks clean cut, slick, and fit for a priest.

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