Mountain o Mounts (65/100)

(Editor’s Note:  Warning, this post is image heavy so it might take a bit longer to load depending on your connection… does anyone use dialup anymore?)

Been spending some cash and working my butt off for the Argent Tournament to get some new mounts.  I just dinged into revered with the Netherwing as well.  Wanted to give an update on the new mounts I’ve gotten!

mountain o mounts 65

The raining of mounts started last night when I did some Argent dailies and dinged exalted with the gnomes.  I was like, AWESOME!  Time to go gnome mountsspend some cash and see what I can get.  Those mounts put me darn near 50… like 49 I think is where it put me at.  Which was pretty exciting, so I decided to spend some more of the stockpile of cash (not really that much… I think I had 5,000 before this spending spree on mounts).  I thought maybe I’d buy the armored snowy griffon from Francis Dei, but I’m not into gas guzzlers like them… they require sooo much maintenance.  The next logical step was to go for a hybrid, the lovely cenarion hippogryph that I didn’t have yet.  I ported over to Shat and flew up to the refuge.  Which led to…

hippo mount



I was psyched to finally hit 50!  I remember when 3.0 came out and the achievements went in.  All these people in Shatt were riding around on their brand spanking new Albino drakes.  I checked my mail and there she was…

albino mount

She’s so pretty!

Flash forward to this morning and I did some more of those stupid Argent Tourney dailies and ding’d into Stormwind exalted.  That leaves me armored palaminowith Darnassus and Exodar exalted still to get, both are about 3k rep from it so hopefully by Sunday I’ll have those (and another 12’ish mounts)!

I ported over to Stormwind, got my horsies and figured I might as well blow some more cash.  Mailed myself 2,000 from my lovely banker alt (if you don’t have one, you should get one).  Ran over to Francis Dei in Dalaran to pickup a few more mounts and realized that I hadn’t actually bought all my griffons.  I still lacked a couple.

I flew up to Stormpeaks, thinking I’d get some great shots with my mounts and realized that I’m on the laptop.  While its nice I don’t really have any settings turned up cuz… well… I don’t want to lag it or hurt it or anything cuz its my baby!

armored blue griffon

After the griffon realization I focused on the ‘to be bought’ mounts.  Francis had the lovely armored snowy griffon… which I passed up on for now.  I’m not willing to part with 1600g for a mount I won’t ride at all.  I’m not really a fan of griffons in general armored brown bear(probably because I’ve been staring at them for 5yrs!)  I noticed I still needed the brown bear which is what got me started on thinking.  I remembered I don’t have the polar bear mount from the stupid Brunhildar (spelling?) chicks.  I had to spend the next 10mins on WoWHead trying to figure out how the heck I even get the stupid thing and apparentlly you have to do their 4 dailies at a chance at getting it.  UGH!  I guess I’ll get started on that after my Netherwing hits exalted.

Did you know the Wooly Mammoth requires heroism badges?  I didn’t… at least until I looked.  I’ve been running t7.5 clears on Sunday and in about 3 and a 1/2 hrs we full clear Naxx25, OS +1, and Malygos25.  Its caused this stockpile of valor badges that I traded in for heroisms.  Getting my lovely Wooly Mammoth.

wooly mammoth

A face only a mother could love…

I’m at the point now I think I’ll have to get a checklist and start actually hunting the more rare stuff /sigh.

I haven’t obtained a single mount from the Argent Tourney.  I’ve been saving up to get the expensive Hippogryph out of the way then work my way down to the easier stuff.  I’m hoping in 3.2 there is a way to get more of those stupid champion’s seals.  We’ll see.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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