More Arts n Crafts

After making the guild shirts (you can find basic instructions in that post) I just had to make more.  I love the asymmetry on shirts and figured I’d go with a much tougher image.  I chose the alliance lion head symbol which took me about 2hrs to cutout (I was watching So You Think You Can Dance at the same time though).  I put my shirt on and Delinia helped me place the sticker and then I took it off… and went to spraying.

Here’s the finished product!




I figured blue would react roughly the same with the bleach but it didn’t.  As you can see the dark blue bleached to a pink’ish color while the light blue just got lighter.  It makes me want to try something on a striped shirt to see how kewl it could be.  All in all though the shirt turned out better than expected and I plan on doing it again… just not sure what to do next.  Maybe something really intricate in design so I can growl extra loud while I cut it out.  I might even try putting the priest symbol on the thigh of some of my blue jeans maybe, that could turn out pretty good maybe.

Anyone have ideas on things to do?


10 thoughts on “More Arts n Crafts

  1. daemia says:

    I dig!

    I just wish the Alliance lion were as cool as the Horde insignia. As it is, it just makes you look like you REALLY like The Lion King.

  2. Shiningstar says:

    Lol, hakuna matata!

    Very cool shirt. I’d like to see that technique with jeans, if you try it please post pics.

  3. xeonio says:

    @Shindig: The bleaching works best with cotton fabrics and since regular old denim is 100% cotton usually it should do amazing.

    @Daemia: I’ll make you and Gdawg a pair of daisy dukes w/lions on the junk but u have to pose for the guild website in ’em!

    @Acrecia: THX!

  4. That would be an amazing shirt if it didn’t have that stupid Alliance symbol on it.

    But i mean…the idea is cool…



  5. xeonio says:

    @Misamane: Says the priest who hasn’t updated her blog in quite some time! That’s right… I’m calling you out! /hug

    I didn’t realize you were horde. I wish I was horde honestly, their symbol is about a billion times easier to cut out and it always looks amazing when people put it on things.

  6. Hehe, I know I know!

    I’ve been getting ready for the Magic: The Gathering PTQ August 1, and right now I’m on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks back with my family, so I just haven’t had the time to devote to WoW in order to come up with decent blog posts. I did FINALLY move the posts that got decent hits over the the real site (, so during August there should be a couple good posts and a ton of site beautification.

    Also, grats on moving to the very top of my blogs-to-read bookmark folder 😉 This place is great! Let’s just close this thing down and post your blogs on Respecced… we won’t tell anyone you’re Alliance 😉


  7. xeonio says:

    /blush TY!

    Awesome that you play MTG. I was playing but I live in a small town so its an hr drive just to play FNM. I quit around the Time Spiral block (but I did read the books and they were pretty awesome).

    I actually came in… 4th I think it was at Oklahoma States and qualified for Nationals once. Some great times… it amazes me that the game is still going after all this time.

    Good luck at the PTQ!

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