Rez of the Week – Dariar

Heya all, its been a bit since I did one of these but its time to get back on track.  Dariar is one of those few players that regardless of what you ask him to do… he will get it done.  He spends time and effort researching his class and the gear he wears.  He’s an amazing tank and an even better DPS.  This week he graces us with his insight into the Druid class.

(Editor’s Note:  My video card recently crashed and I had to downgrade to an older one I had.  Because of that you can easily tell the difference in quality of my recent screenies… especially in this one that is lacking a lot of detail.  Sorry!)


Name: Dariar
Class: Druid
How long have you been playing: Since April 2005

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec:  Feral (DPS) / Feral (Tank)
What do you use your offspec for
Nowadays, the offspec (Tank) is mainly used to run heroics when there’s no other tank around.  I’ll occasionally switch to it during raids when called for too (ie. Xeo asking me to go tank spec and me calling him a bastard in return)– usually when a 3rd tank is needed for a fight.  It’s nice having the option to switch to it.  I just need to remember to switch back to my dps spec afterwards….

Best Raid Moment
Have to say seeing Ragnaros die for the 1st time.   I was in a casual guild which initially only had a handful of active players.  It was a long process, but we slowly added members until we were at the point where we could raid Molten Core.  Was great to see Rag finally go down after all that time.

Favorite Raid Mod
Right now, I’m loving a little mod I found by the name of tellmewhen.  Helps me keep track of my buffs/debuffs.

Favorite Boss Encounter
Current favorite is Yogg, although we’ve only just started on him so it’s all fresh and new but it’s a challenge to try and remember the three million things that go on throughout that fight.  Past favorite I think would have to go to Lady Vashj, we put a lot of effort into that fight to finally get her dead, it was tough going at the time though…especially for Xeo, he was close to a heart attack on a regular basis learning that fight.

What Food / Flasks do you use
Food – I use the Hearty Rhino for dps, if tanking I’ll use Blackened DragonfinFlask is Endless Rage for dps and Stoneblood for tank

Useful Macros
WTF is a macro?  No, I don’t use any currently.  I have been thinking about making one so that mangle/maul are done within 1 keypress but it would just be for the laziness factor.

For DPS In TBC it was easy…do you have a manglebot?  If yes then shred, shred, shred, shred, shred, shred….you get the picture.  Not a whole lot to it.  Now it’s totally changed, and vastly different.  There isn’t a rotation as such just a few things to watch and keep up within a certain order.  I’ll normally open with a mangle (if needed) and a rake, then throw up a savage roar.  After that shred to 5 Combo points and rip.  From that point it’s a matter of trying to keep savage roar, mangle, rake and rip all active and reapply when they drop off.  There are too many variables to keep it within a set rotation, this is where the tellmewhen addon comes in really handy.  If everything is ticking I’ll shred with any extra energy and if I really get lucky with crits and have extra combo points I’ll try and throw in a ferocious bite.

How accurate is this druid dps flowchart
I’d say it pretty much sums up kitty dps in a nutshell.

What resources do you use to stay current on your class
I’ve used RAWR forever, it’s expanded to every class now I think but started out as Druid only, great resource for helping you decide which gear/gems/enchants will work out best for you.  I’ll read up the forums at too, and I regularly read the druid thinktank blog.

What do you think you do better than the other tanky classes (warrior / pally / dk)
We’ve always been really good at being damage soakers due to the massive armor and health…I guess too good because Blizzard have nerfed both, and next on the list for 3.2 is a nerf to our dodge.  So honestly I don’t know if we do anything better than the other tanking classes right now.

What is druid tankings ‘weakness’
AOE tanking is still weak compared to other tanking classes, even after the threat buff and 360 degrees addition to swipe, I still find it hard holding agro on a group of mobs, and spamming swipe to try and hold the agro doesn’t leave room to do anything else.

How do you handle someone ripping aggro
Depends if I’m the one ripping it!  I really wish we had an agro dump in kitty form, cower just doesn’t cut it (ok rant over).  If I’m the one tanking then it really depends if it’s someone I like or not….if it’s not I just let them die if it is then I’ll taunt the mob back.

Any tips for playing your class
No way.  I’m not sharing all my insider secrets!  Oh go on then….it’s not really feral specific but I make sure I bind keys for all of my attacks, it really helps when you have to react quickly in any given situation – after a while you instinctively press keys without even thinking about it, you don’t have to worry about finding that button on your bar.   Also druid are a versatile class, I’d say try out all the different specs available, feral just happens to be my particular flavor.


5 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Dariar

  1. He doesn’t share those secrets either, Dae. I’ve been married to him for nearly 12 years and still can’t pick up any tips.

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