Another t9 priest graphic

MMOChampion posted some better pics for the priest gear and the other classes that are known.  I took the liberty of editing down the priest one to display just the dwarf (cuz we are the best).  So here’s what I’ll look like come 3.2…

alliance_cloth_priest copy

…if you aren’t a dwarf however you can find the full pic here.

EDIT:  You can find a more indepth point of view from Quirky Quiescence.  She breaks it down via each tier and goes into a nice rant about it.  Good read.


3 thoughts on “Another t9 priest graphic

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Aside from the helm (what were you thinking, Blizz???), I can live with the set. It looks so heavy to be cloth. Maybe we won’t be as squishy? The female nelf set shows navel. Hawt. I’ll def be turning off the helm graphic though.

  2. xeonio says:

    @Shindig: You show off more belly button than a nursery.

    @Middea: Yea, its weird how our armor is getting more and more plate… but has the same armor as our wand. /sigh

    I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing purple again. It seems like its been relegated to mostly locks and splashing it into shaman armor as a contrast for the orange though.

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