IRL Meeting

(Editor’s Note:  This post is mainly for my guildies and such as it pertained to our IRL get together.  If that doesn’t sound like an interesting read just check back tomorra’ for something more WoW related =)

We decided that we should get together on the hottest days possible and hang out as a guild.  We had people flying in from as far away as England to have a bitchin’ good time.

Getting everyone from the airport was fun in and of itself.  Daemia / Gnipsy were the only two without anything major happening to them.  Canti’s airline, US Airways (don’t use them FYI), fucked him out of his seat by overbooking it.  They also had a 3hr delay on his return flight home.  Salluz flight took a detour through Iraq or something and got in super late.  Was supposed to land at like 9pm and actually landed at midnight or something stupid.  Rumor also has it Xeo drives recklessly and w/o abandon.  No one living would say that though.

The next day we had a cookout… the temperature was 107 or 111 or something insane.  I don’t recall the exact temp since my brain liquified and ran out of my ears.  Luckily that evening it started to cooldown though and we all sat outside to eat and get liquored up.

Dar / Sal / Canti decided to drink roughly 35-40 Heineken’s between the three of them.  Suffice to say no one else was drunk enough to get into their conversation.

Salluz works with the handicapped and so she was able to show us how you pin someone to the ground without causing them injury.  We had Canti lay down on the ground in a ‘T’ position but normally Salluz has 2 extra people helping her.  She is on one arm, another on an arm, and someone to hold down the legs.  We figured we’d just tell Canti not to use his legs or other arm.  After 35 beers this seemed completely logical.

It wasn’t.

It was quite immaculate watching Salluz sit on Canti’s arm and then he lifted her up, tossing her in the air until she came smackdown into the pavement.  Face first I might add.  We are laughing about it now (I was laughing about it then) and it was just a simple drunken stupidity.  No hard feelings from it.

The following day, or hangover recovery as we called it, we went to see Transformers 2.  It wasn’t bad, mostly because Shia Lebuff and Megan Tits McGee are in it.  The director mainly just did 2hrs of ego masturbation though, showing off his special effects and how amazing they are.  The plot was sketchy and the cutting for the scenes was pretty meh.

Then came Monday… Six Flags over Dallas.  Salluz tried to con Xeo and Canti into doing a ride that would involve death.  We declined.

We accidentally splintered into two groups, the group that watched (Dariar / Delinia / Salluz / Watz / Caleigh) and the group that owned each roller beast (Daemia / Gnipsy / Canti / Xeonio).  The option to go on a Monday paid off immensly.  The lines for all the rides were extremely short.

The coaster group got on one of the older rides at Six Flags first, the Judge Roy Scream.  It’s an old wooden roller coaster thats not very impressive, but like all wooden roller coasters beats you up quite nicely.  The controller accidentally pulled our cars to far forward at the end which forced us to have to go again… I (xeonio) had srs trouble walking after it.  I was so nauseous it wasn’t even funny.

We also rode Mr. Freeze which goes from 0 to 70 in 3.78 seconds (thats what the brochure said).  Daemia was like I don’t want to ride this… luckily peer pressure forced him to do it.  The coaster shoots out of the opening and after a short distance you go into a VERY tall loop.  The track continues straight up in the air where you come to a stop, hang there, and then do the whole thing backwards.  Mostly while screaming and praying someone will rez you at the end of the ride.

The most notable ride in my opinion is the Superman.  It’s 32 and 1/2 stories high, one of those ‘falling’ types of rides.  You get into one of those seats where your feet are dangling out.  It slowly lifts you about 10 feet, just enough to realize your to high and then rockets you up to the top.  See, I’m scared to death of heights, didn’t really want to ride it but I con’d Delinia from the watcher group into riding it with me.  She was like sure, I’ll just spend my time laughing at you.

Whomever made the Superman ride is an F’ing genius.  After you skyrocket to the top you sit there for a few seconds and there is a really ugly locking sound.  You begin to think… omg… its broken… I’m stuck up here or worse.  After a few seconds you start to get comfortable and it drops you.  DROPS YOU!  OMG!  I might have blacked out or screamed myself into unconsciousness… I don’t recall.

Addendum:  Healing for trash is always WAM (whack-a-mole).  Daemia managed to find a whack-a-mole game and hilarity ensued.  Yours truly won of course, cementing his healing abilities both in game and IRL. /strut

Over all we rode some rides, ate some food, and had an amazing time.  I highly recommend getting together with your guildies for an event like this if you can.

We are going to try for another IRL meeting in the fall, probably in Vegas and I can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “IRL Meeting

  1. Conifer says:

    Now Vegas I can probably make if it’s a weekend.

    Also – where are the pics? SS or it didn’t happen.

  2. xeonio says:

    The main pic is over on the website and more pics are in our private forums. I’ll check to make sure everyone is okay w/moving them to be more public before I do it.

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