Summer & the Interweb

sunshineOMG… my interweb has been out at work for almost a week now.  That’s normally when I do all my  updating and when I get home I can actually play the game I rant about.  A stroke of… not really genius, more like… duh, you should have known that happend.

I bring my laptop to work and normally I plug it into a line connected to the DSL modem.  When the DSL went down I just quit bringing it to work.  I decided today to bring it into work to at least watch movies on it or something during slow moments and the computer found an interweb connection.

I was all… WTF?!

I’ve been house sitting for a friend of mine and using their wireless internet (my laptop has a switch I have to turn on for it to look for wireless).  I turned the laptop on at work and it found some unsecured wireless from the nearby apartment complex!  It should have dawned on me earlier to use the wireless but i r slow.

I’ve noticed sporadic blogging from lots of the normal peeps I read (myself included).  The dreaded Summer monster is eating raiders whole and it wont be ’til the cold starts to seep back in that they can be rezzed.  I’ve even had fits of wanting to go outside and *gasp* sit in the sun.  I know right… why would I want to do that?!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather!


2 thoughts on “Summer & the Interweb

  1. Conifer says:

    Thursday and Friday look like our usual group of people. Hopefully we will have a full day Saturday on Yogg.

    Now for a non sequitur: I remember someone calling out for heals last week on Hodir and you said “don’t call out for healing”. I was reading a forum post on healer pet peeves and that came up a few times…

    We know your health is low. It’s our job to know when you health is low. The next time someone yells “heal me”, you should yell back “hit the boss!”.

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