Guild Bleached Shirts!

A few weeks ago I posted about Arts n’ Crafts that were awesome.  Taking the old Bleach Shirt thing and applying it to WoW.

I quickly went into a geek-fit when I found this and I ran (read: drove) to Delinia’s house and forced her to take part in this crafting.

We had a bunch of guildies coming into town (I still need to writeup about that fun) and I really wanted us to have matching shirts.

Sadly I don’t have any ‘in the makin’ pics but I do have a finished one!

Relentless Bleach Shirt

What You Need:

  • Shirt (it has to be a cotton blend as synthetic fibers don’t bleach very well / at all).  We used Hanes shirts which are a 50% cotton / 50% poly blend.
  • Bleach (any kind works so buy something cheap)
  • Spray Bottle (a bottle that sprays a mist, not a direct shot… omg that would be bad)
  • Contact Paper (the kind you line kitchen drawers with that have a sticky back)
  • Razor Blade (exacto knife or box cutter… box cutters are cheaper)

Quick How-To:

  1. Figure out what design you want and print it out.
  2. Tape the design onto your paper and cut it out (some peeps use an exacto knife, I used a box cutter… both are razor blades).
    1. There is various papers you can use as the stencil but we went with contact paper.  Why?  Because it has a sticky backing so you don’t have to use any adhesive spray to keep it stuck to the shirt.
    2. Helpful Hint:  Make sure you have a cutting board because cutting your design out on tile ruins your knife!  I used a phone book.
  3. Put some cardboard inside the shirt to keep the bleach from leaking through and staining the back.
  4. Stick your design to the shirt, making sure to block out any area (we used white towels) that you don’t want to ‘lighten’.
  5. With your Bleach Mixture (50% bleach / 50% water) spray it lightly onto the shirt, directly at wherever the holes in the stencil are.
    1. Helpful Hint:  You don’t want to spray to much or the bleach water will soak in and spread, doing nasty things to the design.
  6. You will notice it taking effect VERY quickly.  When it has sufficiently lightened take one of the white towels and lightly dab it on the stencil to soak up any access bleach water and from the design.
  7. Rinse it under cold water until ink stops bleeding.
  8. Warsh it and dry it.

Different colors bleach differently which is also effected by the amount of time the bleach is left on.  Just be careful not to leave it on for to long as it will burn through the fabric.

Our Guild name is Relentless and then under that is my name, Xeonio.  Our guild tabard is blue with lightning bolts (hence the reason they are on the shirt).  I used a bleach pen for those and free handed them to give a bit of personality to everyones shirts.

This was a TON of fun and I’m going to likely experiment with more of this stuff and making wow shirts!


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