3.2 – t9 Priest (lock / mage) Graphic(s)

Yea, its a shitty title but I’ll get to that.

Did you see the t8 sets for Warlock or Mage and think… man, I’d really like to look like one of those!  Maybe you looked at the t8 sets and thought, why do peeps even get different graphic sets?  Then you thought, we should all look the same!

Grats Blizzard.

We are all going to look the same.

t9 mage


t9 warlock

Seeing a theme here?  Just in case you aren’t, I’m going to give you one more graphic…

t9 priest


Yea… I am as well.  I know they are having different sets for both the Horde and the Alliance but to make it easier on themselves they have decided to make one set of armor and recolor it for the different classes.  This way no one will ever look hodge podge.  I’m willing to bet that every cloth piece from the new raid instance has the same graphic… recolored.  Actually it might not even be recolored, it will probably look the exact same as one of the pieces of tier sets.  This is REALLY disappointing to me.  I would be more excited about this look if I wasn’t sharing it with everyone else. /le sigh
(Editor’s Note:  You can find higher rez pics over at MMO-Champion.com.  ( PriestMage –  Lock ))

On the flipside, I do like the way the armor is grittier, although it kind of feels like pvp gear to me (in the way the textures have sharp edges and a ‘weathered’ look).  The colors are vibrant and will present a nice pop and the glowey effects aren’t garish.

Dear Reader, I’d like to hear some feedback from y’all.  How do you feel about the armor model being the same for all Alliance cloth wearers?


12 thoughts on “3.2 – t9 Priest (lock / mage) Graphic(s)

  1. It totally feels like a cop out on Blizzard’s part. “Hey, we don’t feel like taking the time or making the effort to dream up a set for each class so we’ll just recolor the same set. No one will notice!” Boo, blizzard. Boo.

  2. Yah so far it looks like the sets are per race/armor type – so all cloth wearers on either side look the same. All druids and rogues are identical. Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors have the same armor but different colors. We’ve yet to see Hunters or Shamans.

    Kind of lame IMHO and the armor sets themselves don’t seem that creative compared to how awesome tier sets have looked since Tier 1.

    My hope is that Blizzard has caught on to sites like MMO-Champ releasing the looks pre-patch and is aiming to surprise everyone, but that’s wishful thinking I’m sure.

  3. Shiningstar says:

    T2 is still my favorite priest gear and I will keep my set in the bank probably forever. While this new T9 stuff isn’t hideous, it’s not overly pretty either. Priest stuff should be pretty! It should look like cloth…I don’t think this really does.

    How disappointing that aside from armor color we are going to look like other cloth wearers in our new gear. Blizz really needs to get some new designers, if this is the best they can come up with. We need some fresh new ideas. I want a halo and wings again, not some heavy helmet.

    Aside from the fact that all the sets look the same, I actually do like the colors of our new set. I will probably not have to dye Shiningstar’s hair to match this set, yay. Just wish the set didn’t look so heavy and protective. Priests are supposed to look a little vulnerable.

  4. Conifer says:

    Although not the answer people want to hear, I think the reasoning (or excuse) behind the armor sets (in addition to laziness) is a certain “look” they are going for and a “feel” for the point in time we are at in the game.

    Game-story-wise, we are all at the Colosseum to hone our skills and prepare for the assault on Ice Crown. We are building an army and in an army, everyone wears the same uniform.

    I’m not particularly mad at it. I will try to “get into character” and wear the armor that the Alliance provides me in the assault on Ice Crown. I’m sure the Lich King and his minions will have some decent looking treasure in their halls. (They had BETTER!)

  5. Norhia says:

    This is great. Now when I’m standing in absolutely the wrong place, it will be harder for my raid leader to distinguish who I am. I haven’t been able to do that since tier 5 when Kel would just call over vent “I see some wings just standing there. Move it priests!”

    I am going to stand in SO much fire.

  6. xeonio says:

    @All of you: Big thanks for the replies, I really do like to interact with you all.

    @Psionics: That would be awesome if they were just trying to trick us and be all… haha, we gotcha! Sadly I don’t think they’d do that =(

    @Shiningstar: My main motivation for Vashj and Kael was simply to complete the look of the set. Wings = hawt. I really do miss the TBC sets. Even t4 in all its nubness was a decent looking set. The colors for this set are nice, it reminds me a lot of t6 with a splash of t5.

    @Conifer: I think thats the answer they came up with AFTER they designed them to all look the same. Here’s a convenient excuse we are going to use, live with it. My guess is they went with the same look so they could churn 3.2 out faster.

    I don’t think u can take just one person off raid frames.

    @Norhia: *cry* I didn’t even think about that. I’m really gonna have to watch peeps now and probably click on them to see if their F’ing up.

    I often play from Dariar and Delinia’s house and Del will yell across the room… “I’m in your raid, standing in fire!” Then she’ll cackle gleefully. It breaks my heart.

  7. Tapol says:

    I rarely comment on things but i am very disappointed in how Blizzard has done the new look…guess they can’t afford an artist to come up with different looks (who are they kidding). They might think about having a contest for new armor looks! Now that would be great.

  8. Peter says:

    Hey look, you cant know yet. In 3.2 they fixed the T8,5 look for mages and made very nice, i dont think they are going to have the same gear model for all. Just relax and wait. They are not as lazy as you think they are.

  9. Shadowgrrl says:

    I beg to differ Peter.. I have been playing WOW for over 4 years.. The gear used to be EPIC! WINGS and glows and things that made you really stop and say WOW what are they wearing and how do I get it. .Now with a simple color change between 7 7.5 8 8.5 and now 9 come on!! It IS a total cop out on Blizzards part. And really dont get me started on the 3+ classes that now roll on single cloth items. For christ sake a healing shaman rolled on cloth bracers cause they were better than his and he can wear it!! NO NO NO NO NO!! Priests, mages, and locks have gotten the shaft as far as gear and gear drops go. I see more plate crap drop for the 3 classes that can wear that now at least 2 to 1 over cloth. Hell the Leather and Mail wearers are laughin all the way to the DKP bank.

    So ya.. its lame, its boring and you’d think blizz would get their shit together. bring back priest wings and lock bat wings and hell give the mages something cool while your at it. Individualize our look so that were not walking around int he dull gray world..

    nuff said.. I totally agree with the OP.

  10. xeonio says:

    @Shadowgrrl – Thx! That’s definitely how I feel though, shafted. I’m really really really praying that the t10 is something amazing. The homogenization went over the top in t8 and t9 was/is just horrible. Bring back muh wings!

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