3.2 Priest t9 Infoz take 2

Patch 3.2.I’m on vacation atm so just gonna make this short and sweet.  This also means that I will likely not have a Rez of the Week tomorrow, SORRY!

I’m not sure how old the info is but it seems it did get updated, and it doesn’t suck anymore.  I’m actually really happy to see these two, but enough blabbering… here they are!

  • 2 Piece Bonus:  Increases the healing done by your Prayer of Mending spell by 20%.
  • 4 Piece Bonus: Increases the shield from your Divine Aegis and the instant healing from your Empowered Renew by 10%.

Instead of the decreased casting time as was previously mentioned it is just a flat increase in the heal, making fights that it jumps on that much better.  I think I mentioned I use a macro that I hit often just to keep POM up on myself on a light of fights with random damage.

The four piece bonus is really F’ing hawt now, at least the Divine Aegis part of it.  It really makes me want to see Blizzard add into the combat log whose shields absorbs what damage, although its possible Blizzard could go oh WTF and nerf us.  At least for a bit we’d get to see our amazing damage mitigation.


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