3.2 – Priest t9 Infoz

Patch not only has nerfs, new zones, and critters… it also brings with it t9.

Does it feel like Blizzard is moving to fast or is it that we got so used to the huge time between 3.0 and 3.1?

Well, here’s the t9 bonuses that you have been dying to see!  Sadly you will go wooo… what? real fast after reading them.

That’s just copied straight from MMOChampion.  When I first saw the t7 bonuses I wasn’t thrilled about them.  I did endup finding the extra jump for POM pretty useful on fights like Sapphiron though.  I think this is going to be one of those sets where you don’t really give a poop whether you break the set or not.

The two piece bonus is pretty craptastic.  There’s like… 2 fights where I have ever thought, if only PoM had a faster cooldown (Sapphiron / Assembly of Iron when Steelbreaker is still up AEing).

The four piece bonus?  Maybe the wording is wrong?  Maybe its supposed to  increases the amount healed by 5%?  Doesn’t make sense to me that it would do half of what our two piece t8 does.

As soon as I have pics I’ll get ’em posted.

The druid 4 piece resto is pretty hawt, it allows their Rejuvenation (read: priest Renew) to have crit heals on its ticks.  I don’t use Renew anymore but that would be a pretty good bonus for those who do, especially you silly holys.

The new armor sets are supposed to have 2 looks, horde look and alliance look.  Then you are going to have recolored versions as well.  I wonder if they’ll make it possible for you to build a set that looks like the horde stuff for an alliance character.  I doubt it, but here’s hoping!

I’m mostly just rambling now but the armor looks reminded me of how I felt about Ulduar.  I thought it might be a bit kewl if I could build a healy set that looked like a Warlock… but everything seemed to be recolored priest or mage tier.  I hope they fix that issue… again, doubtful.

Anyway, there’s tons of random info on MMOChampion about 3.2.  Lots of little changes and balancing fixes and such.  You should go take a look at it if you have a chance.


3 thoughts on “3.2 – Priest t9 Infoz

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Wow…the set bonus looks quite nice. I use PoM a lot when raid healing or spam healing.

    As for the colors and designs, priests deserve something pretty this go around. T8 is completely lackluster in appearance and the helm looks like something a bank robber would wear.

  2. Shadowfaux says:

    its so that , you can hide your face if you forget to change out of frost resist.

    If i had that i would be wearing my fishing hat all the time 😛

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