Rargarita Maiding reporting…

It’s been a few weeks since I overheard the conversation between Blizzard and the Baron Rivendare.  I’ve been looking high and low for the scoop on this Blizzard fellow and have uncovered very little.

He’s a powerful sorcerer who comes and goes as he pleases.  His powers seem limitless and he is only talked about in hushed tones in dark corners.

While trying to track him down I recieved this missive the day before I found out about the Baron,

I have finally obtained that which I seek.  The Baron was quite forthcoming with it.  Thanks for your help.


The following picture was attached.


Baron on the otherhand was found in dead in a bathroom stall of Club Naxx.  It was ruled a netherbloom overdose, but I have my doubts.

Wherever Xeonio goes, scandal seems to follow him.  I’m sure an interesting story can be found in his wake.

Where was he now though?  The picture gave me some clue, the Outlands… so that’s where I headed.

I headed to gossip central, Doom Lord Kazzak’s Hair Care and Fiery Doom Salon.  I started asking around, seeing if they had heard of this Xeonio character or might have seen him recently.  One man spoke up, Big Daddy Kael (he’s put on quite a bit of weight since people quit coming to visit him in the Outlands), and I asked him what he knew.

Xeonio had been asking questions odd questions about the Ogres in Northern Nagrand.  He was very interested in the family fueding between the Kurenai and Warmaul families.  Since the death of Godfather Durn a few years ago the controller of the herb trade had been up in the air.  Several members of both families had come up missing or dead under odd circumstances.

I got ready to head out when the artist formally known as Vashj strolled in, keeping her weave clean was a nightmare.  She was complaining to Big Daddy that she had been dealing with a very difficult customer.

Big Daddy caught my eye, giving me that, you need to pay attention to this look.  I decided to get a fabulous updo by Kazzak in the meantime, a reason for sticking around.  Vashj went into her ravings about some art she was commissioned for by some dwarf priest with an attitude.  She had finally finished and his payment was certainly not satisfactory.  Especially after all the changes and complaining she had to put up with.

Interesting… and confusing.  I was headed to the Kurenai Family Estate in Nagrand…


Thought Break2 RTW


I hope you are liking the Rargarita Maiding reports, I’m having fun writing updates in story form.  If you have any advice (I’m working on the to and too and than and then Delinia, get off my back!)… then just let me know.

The inclusion of the art piece was 1/2 assed included in there, couldn’t figure out how to work it into the storyline.  I’ve redone my banner though, changed the coloring to match the borders on the boxes on the right.  This also lets me change my thought break (page break?) image.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this!

Edit:  I forgot to put how many attempts it took… 136.  The weird thing is that the ingame calculator says I only killed Rivendare 101 times.  I know that a lot of the other achievement calculators are wrong so I’m going to go with my count on number of kills.


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