Uld10 is done…

…and I don’t mean done in that we cleared it.  I mean done in that I’m done leading it.anger

Every week I’ve put it together and it has been a pain in my ass.  A tank no shows or a DPS or a healer or I have a different signup of peeps… just a total hassle.  It stopped being fun for me awhile ago which is pretty sad.

This past Saturday finally broke my back.  I solo lead… I don’t like to share the leading and I delegate very little.  In my 10man though everyone thinks they have a voice.

They don’t.

It’s my raid and if you don’t like it you are welcome to lead your own.  One of my raiders decided to remind everyone not to do something and so another raider decided to tell them they were wrong, not really in a bad way just giving the opposite side.  I made the judgement call on what to do and someone else decided to tell me I was wrong.

Anyway, the raider who reminded everyone got huffy at the person who said to do it a different way and they left the raid.

By this time we were an hour into the raid and had only managed to kill FL +2.  Why?  Because I had to wait a 1/2 an hour for my main tank to show up.  Which wouldn’t have been so bad if I had a 2nd tank… which I didn’t.

When the person bailed on the raid I was livid.  In fact, I get angry just thinking about it right now as I type this (I probably have anger management issues… whatever).

I tried to calm down after the person left, took some deep breaths and realized I was at wits end.  I called the raid and of course some peeps had to whisper me to ask what happend.  I mostly just lost my shit in tells to a few people (in hindsight that was inappropriate) and logged off.

Moral of the story… as soon as it stops being fun, stop doing it or you’ll find yourself with a second job.


5 thoughts on “Uld10 is done…

  1. daemia says:

    Sorry this happened. I’d think everyone involved would know how things go. I mean, I hold my innervate like a five-year-old who has to pee when I’m on your raids, just so it’s available when you call for it.

    Given our (and by “our” I mean “your”) progression in Uld25, I’d speculate that everyone thinks of Uld10 as more of a plaything that more often than not you throw together a late-night pug to do.

  2. Conifer says:

    ” I mean, I hold my innervate like a five-year-old who has to pee when I’m on your raids”

    When I raid with Xeo, I have to hold my pee like a five-year-old who has to pee.

    Seriously though, I’m glad I wasn’t there. 🙂

    Long live 25-man raiding!

  3. daemia says:

    1. Buy some Purel, station it next to your monitor.
    2. Force yourself to go right before the raid.
    3. Clear all obstacles, open all doors leading to bathroom.
    4. As SOON as Xeo announces that 30 second break, type /afk, rip off your headset, start yelling “OUT OF THE WAYYYYYY!!!!” and dash to the bathroom.
    5. Do what you need to do, flush, and run back, again yelling “OUT OF THE WAYYYYYY!!!!”
    6. Use Purel.
    7. Join in on the heckling of the people who are still /afk 2 minutes later.

  4. LOL Daemia. That is almost EXACTLY how it happens around here. It was absolute hell raiding when I was preggers and peeing every 5 minutes.

  5. Shiningstar says:

    I think healers (esp in Xeo’s 25 mans) need to have bladders of steel. I jokingly said we need to have a potty break rotation so each of us could have a chance to go.
    Sorry about your 10 man woes Xeo. Kind of crappy.

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