Mountain o’ Mounts (35/100)

If you’ve been reading along I’ve been extremely casually working on my mounts count.  Slowly building up to that 100/100 achievement and the Dragonhawk that comes with it.

I’ve also taken a break from Baron Rivendouche to work on the home cities mounts.  I’ve started doing old quests to get that easy rep and my Argent Tournament dailies.

I hate jousting.

Aside from that there’s been the spending of a bit of cash to buy a few of the mounts.  I’ve bought the slow speed gryphons, I never had any of them.  When I ding’d 70 I had the cash to buy an epic mount straight away.

And I picked up this beauty…

Red Drake RTW

Regardless of their color, I really love the way the drakes look.  I REALLY want an Azure drake from Malygos10 but I doubt I’ll see that anytime soon.

Did you know that s.priests can’t solo Zul’gurub?  I’ve been duo’ing ZG with a few people every 3 days, working on the tiger and raptor mounts but haven’t seen either yet.  Duo’ing heroic Magister’s Terrace and Karazhan for those mounts as well.  The only one I’ve ever seen drop was a raptor, and that was preTBC.  I’m not holding my breath for those.

Oh well… back to my Argent Tourney dailies /cry.


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