Rez of the Week – Adnar “Addy” Helmshield

Adnar RTW

What can I say about Addy?  I could say he makes Thorim easier… but I won’t.  I could say he’s an amazing tank… but not with a straight face.  I might even be paid off to say something positive… but his wife is to busy camping a sea turtle.  He was like my 5th choice for this weeks Rez of the Week but he was the only person online (and I’ma procrastinator).  I mashed together some questions and emailed them, hoping he could be pulled away from his Webkinz habit long enough to answer them.

Truthfully, Adnar is all of those things.  I’m lucky to have him on my team (although he needs to quit his job so he can stop skipping raids or I’ll replace him so fast he’ll think his helicopter stopped moving).

Name: Adnar Helmshield (yes, I have a last name and there are RP reasons)
Class: Paladin
How long have you been playing: opening day baby!
Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec: 0/53/18 Prot and 0/17/54 Ret

What do you use your off spec for:
I attempt to stay off Xeo’s radar and not suck at dps too bad or die from stupid stuff.

Best Raid Moment:
I have to go with that 1st Nef kill after months of raiding Black Wing Lair. I jumped out of my chair, danced all the way over to Shiny and gave her a hug.
(Editor’s Note:  Shiny = Shiningstar, also known as Shindig, his wife and also a member of our healing team.)

If you starred in WoW porn…
What would be your name: Adnar “The Hammer” Helmshield (and the Hammer is my p***s)
What class would you be: Paladin – You can not pass up Hand of Protection, Hand of Salvation, or One-Handed “Weapon” Specialization (No jokes about the lack of needing Two-Handed “Weapon” Specialization please)

Favorite Raid Mod:
Well, it used to be Omen as pally threat rocked and I liked to confirm how superior my threat was to other tanks. Now all tanks have good threat so that is less appealing.  X-Perl is a good raid mod. I never liked Grid, but X-Perl is similar and I like it for some reason. Finally, I cannot raid with out Deadly Boss Mods.

Favorite Boss Encounter:
Kael’thas_Sunstrider for execution.  That was a dance.  Everyone had to learn the dance before we could more on.  Also, even though it’s not an encounter, I loved the suppression room in Blackwing Lair.  Who was the sadist that designed room?  There is no bigger WTF moment for me in WoW than that first time I ran up those stairs, turned the corner, and stopped dumb-struck.

What Food / Flasks do you use:
Shiny always provides the Fish Feast and Flask of Stoneblood raises my effective health. I won’t raid without them.

Paladins have changed a lot, have you always played / loved yours:
I have suffered through every paladin change starting with the complete change of the paladin combat system right before launch day.  I leveled holy because I didn’t know any better.  Stupid!  I hated 5 minute blessings so much after my first night raiding Molten Core that I spec’ed 15 minute salvation the next day.  Yes people, paladins could spec into 1 15 minute blessing.  Everyone else had to rebless 40 people every 5 minutes.  I played a shockadin before TBC was released.  This meant I got to decurse, off tank, and screw around trying to DPS.  Paladin tanking got a decent boost when TBC launched, but we didn’t have optimum itemization so prot pallys in general and myself specifically felt like we were sub-par tanks.  I only have one character I play regularly.  It’s a paladin and my reply to anyone who has ever asked me if they should level a paladin is an unqualified no.  I hated every minute of 1 – 60.  I wouldn’t wish it on a Gitmo detainees as a form of torture.  Having said that, I love Adnar.  I love my class.  I love tanking and SMITING! evil as a holy warrior.  The idea of the paladin is 100% badass.  Blizzard’s execution of that idea has been a challenge.  They are still trying to get it right.

How many raids have you wiped with ‘accidental’ bubbles:
All my bubbles are very deliberate. I have a cancel divine shield macro so if for some reason I were to accidentally bubble, I would cancel it a second later.  Now I have DI’ed many different people at the beginning, during, and at the end of boss fights and especially trash.  I have bubbled when I wanted to kill someone who was 2nd on threat.  Running into trash and then DI’ing Shiny is a great way to wipe a 10 man.  I cast a blessing of protection on the MT on Nef at 1% once or twice.  I like DI’ing other tanks in general as that rarely happens to them and they don’t know what the hell is going on or how to cancel it.

I have a secret. No, I am not Hannah Montana. Prot pallys only need 2 buttons and 2 macros.

/castsequence reset=6 Shield of Righteousness, Hammer of the Righteous
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()


/castsequence reset=9 Holy Shield, Consecration, Judgement of Wisdom
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

So Holy Shield, Shield of Righteousness, Consecration, Hammer of the Righteous, Judgement of Wisdom or as many of you non-pallys will hear us say 9,6,9,6,9,6.

Xeo, I have to ask. Do you have a paladin and are thinking about going prot? This is just your way of getting my precious precious macros isn’t it? All you had to do was ask. You had me at hello.

The rotation is as above. 9,6,9,6,9,6.

How hard is it to buff:
It’s really not hard if all the paladins have pallypower.  I encourage all players to have Pally Power as they can see who the heck is buffing them with what.  If all the paladins do not have pallypower I will give you Kings and you will like it.  If a paladin drops from raid 30sec before we start a new instance and I am tanking, you all can bite it until I can sort out rebuffs.  May Uther’s blessing continue to fall on Kray for taking ownership of Pally Power.

Srsly… r u gonna buff me: I hate you. Please go DIAF.
(Editor’s Note: DIAF = Die In A Fire.)

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
Elitist Jerks – Paladin Thread
Tankspot (but I think this site is too warriory)

Any tips for playing your class:
After 228 days played, I do have a few tips.

  • Get your significant other playing WoW with you so you can play in peace.
  • Then get your 5 year old to level your fishing.
  • Always make sure your Divine Shield is off cooldown before you base jump from your flying mount.  I forgot this tip just last week and pancaked into Frosthold.
  • If you are low on mana, you have failed to gather enough mobs. Go find more.
  • Pally art is beautiful, but it only takes 1 rogue single pulling aggro to eff it up.
  • Although I don’t say it much anymore, Adnar likes to SMITE! If you are not SMITING!, then may Uther have mercy on your soul.

I never realized Paladins were so long winded…  ❤ ya Addy and thanks for your time!


6 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Adnar “Addy” Helmshield

  1. I especially liked the part about having your 5-year old do the fishing! No wonder Shining always has hundreds of fish feasts…

  2. Shiningstar says:

    No, Shiny has a ton of fish feasts because she’s still trying to get the turtle mount. 😦 Our kids did our fishing at ages 3 and 5. They used to fight over whose turn it was to fish, but now that they are 7 and 9 I think we’d have to pay them to do it for us.

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