3rd Day = gud

We added our third day to the raid week, Thursday 6pm to 9pm.  It turns out to be a blessing.  We got FL, Ignis, Razor, XT, Assembly of Iron, Kolo, and Hodir.  Really great night.

Flash forward to Friday night… Thorim, Freya, Auriaya… AND  MIMIRON!  Took about 4 or 5 attempts to kill him, SUPER happy with that.  My heart was all a flutter with progression and having accomplished something.  A bit of the new making everything bright and shiny again.

RTW Mimiron DED

We went ahead and cleared to Vezax.  We made some attempts, got him to 60% and called it a night.

Saturday morning everyone was pumped and ready to go.  First few attempts found us working out when to pop vapors and deciding to split groups up between a North and South.  Got him to 30-40% several times.  It felt like at that point the repetition of the fight peeps began to zone out.  A bit of coaxing and we downed his sweet butt to.

RTW General Vezax DED

Very happy about our progression this week.

I’ve been whining and complaining now for a few weeks.  I’m curious how everyone else is doing?  How are your highs and lows coming along?


One thought on “3rd Day = gud

  1. Oh nice work. a bit of success can sustain you for a fair while 😉

    We had Mimiron (heroic) to 2%/5%/0% and just couldn’t muster the DPS to kill the last 7% before 0% became 50% again! 😦

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