Random Update #4,327


106 Kills of Baron Rivendare… still no mount.


/gets on milk crate

Here yee, here yee…  I would like to declare all Blizzcon scalpers as douches.  I sat in line both days and like so many others I failed to get tickets.  I checked Ebay… saw stupid prices and moved on.

While a lot of people were angry at Blizzard for making it easier to scalp tickets this year, it seems to have backfired on a lot of the scalpers.  With Ebay costs for incomplete auctions and paypal fees it will most likely come back to haunt those trying to scalp.

A lot of the ebay tickets… WENT UNSOLD.  I don’t really pay much attention to Ebay or the auctions that didn’t sell and all that jazz (someone informed me about all this stuffz).  My friend managed to get a pair of tickets for $150 each though, only paying $25 over the ticket price.  Not to shabby, especially since with Ebay fees and such probably endup costing the Ebay seller more than they made.

Which I say GOOD to.

I hope that all the Ebay scalpers find themselves having to sell their tickets at a discount just to move them.  I hope it ends up costing them a few hundred bucks to try and screw over people.

/gets off milk crate

Sorry, I just had to rant.  I had read a thread and someone mentioned their friend was trying to scalp tickets and they had only sold for 222.50 for 2 tickets.  The seller managed to cancel the auction I guess before it ended.  Pretty shitty of that person to cancel the auction simply because they thought they were going to gouge the shit out of someone and failed.

/gets off milk crate that he somehow managed to crawl back up on


In other news, there is a new battleground coming out in 3.2.  I don’t pvp much (just to get the mounts) but it sounds exciting.  More of a return to the classic Alterac Valley that had NPCs and lasted for days.  I might do a battleground like that.

Anyway, have a great weekend all… I’m off to camp Baron Rivendare and drink a bucket of margaritas.


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