A breath of fresh air.

I haven’t spoken about Leftovers at all… its difficult to explain.  Imagine a raid pool that consists of 750-800 people.  Within this massive pool of players you have Charter Leads, and those leads schedule raids that fit their schedule (for the most part since they are leading).  Then people signup for any charter they want.  Charters gain followings since you get ‘regulars’ or people who signup only for your charter.  You earn points for going to the raid.  All the points they earn from being at raids will cross from one charter to another.  Still confused?  I’ll have to go more in depth later but thats the jist of it.

My charter was ranked 3rd out of 25 charters.  We were are doing phenomenal.  Especially considering we were only raiding two days a week for 8hrs.  This last week with the Mimiron nerfs it found us falling behind though.  We are ranked 7th… and quite frankly my epeen just won’t take it.  It craves the blood of virgins… sorry thats grosser than I expected it to be.

Anyway, I rescheduled the Thursday 6pm-9pm and got a 95% turnout of quality.  We one shot’d FL+1, Ignis, Razorscale, XT, Assembly (2 shot), Kologarn, and Hodir (2 shot, MT went LD).  Super great night.  Really happy with this so I expect Mimiron to die this week and drag our asses back up to 3rd place.

Most of all though… it was really refreshing to have a solid night, pwning the shit out of things.


2 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air.

  1. Dulin says:

    I totally don’t get it. Earn points? What? From followers? Who can spend them on other followers?

    I R SO LOST!!!!!

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