Rez of the Week – Delinia

Delinia2 RTWDelinia is a standby healer, filling in when I need an amazing healer that can fill any role.  Other then that she’s just a casual that loves busting my chops.

I’ve never seen her wearing a helm, she loves the crazy pigtails flying around when she’s casting spells.  I saw her change her hairstyle once… I think it lasted right up until she cast a spell.  Luckily she didn’t have to wait months for it to grow back.

Delinia is also my best friend IRL, she’s also the person who keeps me sane during a raid.  She has taught me NOT to push the button when someone stands in a fire and to take deep breaths so the blood vessels in my brain don’t explode.  What would I do without her?


Name:  Delinia
Class:  Priest
How long have you been playing:  April 2005
Main Spec:  I’ve always been a hybrid spec picking and choosing what I think are the best of the Disc and Holy trees.  I’m currently at 35/36/0
(Editor’s Note:  This spec is NOT for everyone.  Delinia has worked out a spec that does what she wants and she performs astoundingly with it.)

Best Raid Moment
Back when Karazhan was new, our raid group was having a hard time with Shade of Aran one night.  Finally our raid leader said, “OK, every one relax.  Listen.”  Then he started playing Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” over vent.  Everyone in the raid /danced through the entire song.  When it was over, we went in and owned Shade of Aran.  Now every time I hear that song I think of that moment.  It was great!

Favorite Raid Mod
Hands down it has to be Grid.  I don’t think I could heal without it.

Favorite Boss Encounter
I don’t really have a specific boss encounter that I like currently.

What Food / Flasks do you use
Flask of the Frost Wyrm and whatever food I happen to have in my bags that gives either spirit or spell power.

Favorite Class to Watch Die
I secretly love to watch a warlock who has tapped down for mana before a pull die because I refuse to heal him if he doesn’t eat.

(Editor’s Note:  She’s a casual player, I guess I can forgive her for not using macros.)

Err.  No.
(Editor’s Note:  Why do I even ask healers this question?  Time to do some questions editing!)

What resources do you use to stay current on your class
Xeonio.  Even then most of the time, I only half listen to what he has to say.  I’m just not that hardcore.


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