Rargarita uncovers lies!

Rargarita Maiding here, uncovering the things that you need to know about.

I was scouting the elusive Malygos when I came across a very dashing fellow named Xeonio. Xeo CRY He was blubbering like a school girl, just kept going on and on about some Baron that was haunting him.  I couldn’t get anything definitive out of him.  Something about a horse and how Baron wouldn’t share the horse with him or some such.  Big sissy.

I headed over to Winterguarde Keep to see if I could get any information and was pointed towards Lady Blaumeux, the most famous drag queen in all of Azeroth.  I had to fight my way through a vicious entourage just to get my glimpse at her.

Several elbows and ego inflations later I was at Lady B.  She was all aloof in that I’m too good for you kind of way.  I managed to finagle this mysterious man’s name though, Baron Rivendare.

Who is this Baron Rivendare?  Why is he so popular?  Does he throw great house parties?  These are questions I must answer for my viewing public.

Inquiries led me to the rave district in Eastern Plaguelands, Stratholme.  I put my hair up in pigtails and grabbed my glow-sticks.

It was CRAZY!  All the people tripping on one thing or another, stumbling around like zombies.  The smoke machine was broken, it was so hazy I had no idea what was going on.  I stumbled around looking for this Baron.

I finally found him but some fat bouncer told me to bugger off.  I looked around for a window, hoping to sneak in.  I found something else though, the Baron speaking with some person I had never seen before.

They were speaking of some dastardly plot not to share his horse as Blizzard (who the hell is that?) had planned.  I had heard what I came for.

Drop ChanceI rushed to the libraries of Stormwind, looking for information on this horse and Blizzard fellow.  That’s when I uncovered this…  Xeonio’s blubbering flashed back, he had murmured something about 100.

I sent a courier to Xeonio, further inquiring.  I recieved this picture with the following text…

100 Baron

“100 Attempts at getting the Baron to share his horse and NOTHING!  I have gotten NOTHING for my vows of friendship.  I’ve even beat up his friends, trying to send him a message.  He isn’t right in the head you know, not right at all…”  -signed, Xeonio


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