Rez of the Week – Shadowfaux

RTW Shadowfaux2

I’ve been on the hunt for my Baron Rivendare mount and it just so happens that my main tank has it.  He’s also a douche.

He started tanking for us back in TBC but he wasn’t in my guild.  We recruited a decent warrior tank a few months later and I took Shadowfaux for granted.  We dropped him and started using our newly recruited tank and he did… not so bad.  He was a decent, useful tank.  He was also a total asshole.  After a few months he quit logging in and all for the better.

Shadowfaux started signing up for our raids again.  I needed him for sure and the group he was running with was struggling.  He came back to us with my word that I wouldn’t drop him like that again.  If you’re reading this Shadow, I’m sorry about that again!

He eventually left the guild he was in and was going to join mine but a lot of people followed him out.  He formed his own guild but continues to run with us, which I am VERY happy about.

He’s a superb tank and I’m lucky to have him… here’s the vitals!

Name: Shadowfaux
Class: Warrior
How long have you been playing: about 2 years
Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec: Prot / Prot

What do you use your off spec for
Learning new encounters or hard modes if needed

Best Raid Moment
Lots of them, but the most recent ones have been in Ulduar especially doing Flame Leviathan(heroic)  with 10 people thinking its normal mode.

Favorite Raid Mod
Big Wigs (don’t leave home without it)

Favorite Boss Encounter
Kael’thas Sunstrider

What Food / Flasks do you use
Dragonfin Filet or Fish Feast / Stoneblood Flask

Favorite Class to Watch Die
hmmm , none

dont use any , except maybe queueing HS along with revenge.

LoL , I dunno …HS , revenge, SS , block, devastate whatever is up , honestly it depends on the situation and rage availability.

What resources do you use to stay current on your class
Tank Spot

Any tips for playing your class
Its not tanking till you spam Heroic Strike.

Do you still stack spirit
depends on the spirit

Vent background noise picks up the sound of kids… how many do u have:
(Editor’s Note: When I say it ‘picks up the sound of kids’ I don’t mean one screaming kid.  It’s like a theme park has been unrolled in his living room and every person in the park is a 5 yr old kid with a set of lungs that would make Celine Dion jealous.)
Srsly… how many:
I  have   O N E   kid.
(Editor’s Note:  It maybe possible that Shadowfaux is keeping his cloning practices or his underground theme park secret from the government.)

How many attempts to get ur Rivendare mount
didnt keep count. All I know is that I hit exalted with argent dawn and got the mount on the same run. (I was actually grinding the rep , the mount was a bonus)
(Editor’s Note: I’ve since hacked his account and deleted the mount.)


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