Late Night with Rargarita Maiding

Rargarita here, bringing you this late night update while Xeonio is farming for his Baron Rivendare mount.  He’s up to 55 kills, luckily he’s in a sleep deprived alcohol induced semi state of consciousness.  This doesn’t really make it more enjoyable for him, it simply turns into a blur so its less painful.

56 Kills.

On a side note though he did do some good raiding this week.  Twenty-five man group cleared well on Friday and got in some good progression on Mimiron.  The ten man group also got Deconstructor hard mode killed which he was rewarded Heartbreaker.  A few attempts on Auriaya also net’d…

57 kills.

Crazy Cat Lady.

It seems his sanity is stirring, this is Rargaria signing off, wish you out there in Blog-O-Land sweet dreams.


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