Slow Progression

All the trouble we had with Thorim and when he finally went down it was a huge sigh of relief.  The problem is that it stunted our progression quite a bit.  The week after that was kind of a scrub week, we cleared all of our regular content but didn’t get any practice on new stuff.

Lack of progression has really been chapping my ass….. butt….. booty….. behind!  I’ve mentioned before that I raid 35+ hours a week.  I mainly run Relentless’ raids and on the side I run my resto shaman with another group.  What I haven’t mentioned is that we only raid Ulduar25 two days a week, Friday and Saturday.  We’ve tried picking up a 3rd day and it just didn’t work.  Which is fine… it just doesn’t give us any real time for progression if we have a rough start.

This no progression stuff, coupled with all the raiding I do on multiple toons can really burn ya out.  Enough to where the game has really lost its appeal to me lately.  I took this week off with my shaman to cut out 12+ hrs of raiding and give myself a break.

I had a good talk with Kraylessa and she pointed out that we only raid Ulduar25 on two days a week, Friday and Saturday.  We are actually doing pretty dam well for only raiding Ulduar25 two times a week.  She really picked my spirits up with our little talk.  Enough to where I logged in and started farming my Rivendare mount.

Tangent – I’m up to 49 kills of Baron Rivendare without a mount, the bastard!  This doesn’t include the countless times I killed him in Classic WoW for my devout gear.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to starting up tonight and clearing some shit out.

If you are starting to burn out, take a few days break (or a week or something) and talk / hang out with some friends that make you feel better.  Its really nice this time of year so get out and get some of that evil sun (vitamin D = win).

Tangent – GLEE! (no not the show, which is amazing… I’m talking about the /glee type of feeling)  Leafshine added me to her blogroll which I’m very honored to be included on.


2 thoughts on “Slow Progression

  1. Norhia says:

    Next time you come play with us, I am riding my Rivendare mount in circles around you to… demonstrate what a special frienship we have : D

    Did I mention I got it on my first try?

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