Thoughts… on guides… about blogging.

Hello bandwagon, how much is the fee?  Free?!  Hell yes, I’m jumping on.

A week or so ago I read… actually it was on May 1st… whatever.  I read an article by Sydera on blogging.  It was pretty good and focused on listening.  It was very interesting and had some good pointers.  She’s doing a series with it, the 2nd article has been published as well.  Then Matticus threw his gloves into the ring and started talking about blogging as well.

Actually… I don’t think thats Matts first post on blogging.  He’s given some good advice in the past.  It just seems that everyone is offering their advice on blogging now adays.

Leafshine also posted her thoughts on how you should blog.  They are really solid points but one of them causes me personally some concern…

Write in your own voice – blogging is a personal medium. Write in your own voice. Not in that of other bloggers you admire. Not in the voice you think you should have. Write in your voice. This blog is often sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek and flippant, because that’s how I feel about WoW most of the time. It’s a fun game to me, and I can’t take it too seriously. (Except when I do.) Think of your blog as an extension of yourself, and write like you would if talking to a group of friends.That’s conversational writing, and that’s what attracts readers to blogs.

This one scares me!  I certainly try to be more proper when I’m blogging.  I know I’m much more vulgar than has ever come across on here.  I don’t think I’ve even typed a cussword out on my blog!  Whatever though right?  I’m not sure if this is considered not being yourself since I feel like I just have a chance to edit myself before I say it.  Some peeps just don’t like to see / hear those types of words.  Although, a good dam or shit or *gasp* fuck can certainly help to emphasize a point. =)

The common threads through all the guides though is be yourself and for sure… make sure you post.  Which I’m bad at… sometimes I’m all hardcore posting like everyday and then it goes by 3+ days before I post something.

I’m not gonna rehash what they’ve said but its a kewl read if your interested in performing better on your blogging or just want some interesting reading.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts… on guides… about blogging.

  1. How to put this?

    We all have more than one voice. The voice I use on is different from the one I use on One Man & His Blog or any of my other blogs, just as I use a different way of speaking with my friends, with my family and with my colleagues.

    As long as it feels comfortable to you, it’s the right tone of voice. That’s the main thing – that it doesn’t feel stressing.

  2. I’m new to the blogging world and my personal kinda style is pretty bland in some respects. My posts are short and no big words (cause I don’t know any) hehehe.

    I am enjoying it however and as you said, it should be in your own voice. Sometimes when I reread a post I’ll debate on rewording it to fancy it up but try to avoid this so it does sound like me.

    Awesome looking banner on your page…and look forward to more.

  3. xeonio says:

    @ Leafshine – Thats a good point, you have to self edit a bit to the audience you are talking to. If this were a churchie blog it would be considerably different in the way you speak than if it were a yo yo ‘sup rap review blog. I definitely feel comfortable. Thanks for the words of encouragement /hug.

    @ Ratshag – LOL!

    @ Cathy – Leafshine’s Guide pointed out that its totally fine to have varying lengths of posts (I prefer it that way). Holy Dueg always has really long posts (they are very good… but very long).

    I’m the same way when I go back and edit. It’s like… this makes sense to me but do I convey it well enough that someone else will understand it? I usually opt for editing but thats because my thoughts are super random and I’m all over the place.

    Thanks, I spent A LOT of time on that banner (anal retentive!)

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