Rez of the Week – Conifer

Conifer is another of my healing crew, one of the two druids that graces me with their presence.  Constantly topping the charts with stupid spells like Wild Growth he carries his weight and is a great addition to the crew.

RTW Conifer2Name: Conifer
Class: Druid
How long have you been playing: Since release day. Started Conifer fairly early in BC.
Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec: Resto / Balance
What do you use your offspec for: Dailies

Best Raid Moment
The earliest memories are the best for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the game. But it’s turned into a big math problem for the most part. Everyone has mods that tell you how much DPS you are doing and how much threat the tank has. I have fond memories of Molten Core when hardly anybody used mods. Killing Ragnaros was a rush and seeing that event for the first time was just great.

Favorite Raid Mod
Lifebloomer/Healbot – Druid healing is too complicated to be efficient without them.

Favorite Boss Encounter
Ragnaros for the set-up and story. (although I heard there were some great ones in T6, but I never made it that far in BC) I’m a big fan of Egyptian mythology and so I loved the feel of AQ as a whole.

What Food / Flasks do you use
Firecracker Salmon, Cuttlesteak / Frost Wyrm, Pure Mojo

Favorite Class to Watch Die
Rogue (Who doesn’t love to watch a stupid rogue die after pulling aggro? BUT LOOK AT MY DPS!)

Conifer uses very few. NS/HT and Self-Innervate only.
(Editor’s Note: Love abbreviations!  Nature’s Swiftness(NS) & Healing Touch(HT).  NS makes your next spell instant and Healing Touch is a druids ‘big heal’.  Putting them in a macro just casts NS and then HT for an instant big heal.)

I like to start off with Regrowth. Initial heal to deal with that first damage spike and then a nice long HoT to start laying a base. I follow with Rejuvenation and then Lifebloom(LB). I either quick-roll or slow-roll LB to 3 and either continue to roll, or let it drop depending on situation. Quick-roll and drop is a nice balance between HPS and HPM. Nourish is used to top off. I am not happy unless the tank is at 95% health or better so I’m always casting something.

What resources do you use to stay current on your class
Resto4life was the best resource for a long time. She has retired, so I mainly stick to the official forums. There is a lot of junk to sift through and I hope someone steps up to fill the niche that Resto4life has left empty.

What type of tree are you
I would like to think that I am an Ancient Redwood; a Grand Sequoia, strong and wise.

How do you fend off wood chucks
Thorns now scale with spell power, so I don’t have many problems anymore.

Any tips for playing your class
The druid healer is complicated. There are a lot of tools at your disposal and you need to know when and how to use all of them. I use a 5-button mouse and have different heals bound to click, shift-click, and ctrl-click for almost all of them. Swiftmend is overlooked a lot. It’s a 15 second cooldown so you don’t have to save it like you might Nature’s Swiftness.

Catch phrase
“Protect the forest. SAVE THE TREE!” That used to be my “I have aggro” /yell macro. I guess I still have that macro but it’s not hot-keyed anymore.


7 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Conifer

  1. Conifer says:

    In response to your comment about topping charts with Wild Growth: I have to say that since you have me healing the main tank on 100% of boss fights, Wild Growth is usually my 4th-5th most effective heal. I do the majority of my healing with Regrowth, Rejuvenation, and Lifebloom. These are generally pretty even, each accounting for 25% of my overall effective healing. The other 25% is split between Wild Growth, Nourish, Swiftmend, Living Seed, and the occasional Healing Touch.

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